Siddeley from Pixar's CARS 2Professor Z from Pixar's CARS 2Tomber from Pixar's CARS 2
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The cast of characters for CARS 2, opening in theaters on June 24, continues to grow this week with three new additions... three very unlikely, odd and interesting additions.

The first isn't a car at all, but a plane named Siddeley, voiced by Jason Issacs. Described as a state-of-the-art supersonic British twin-engine spy jet by the folks at Pixar, Siddeley is a partner to Finn McMissile.

Next up is a Zündapp Janus named Professor Z, voiced by Thomas Kretschmann. Professor Z is an internationally wanted weapons designer who plans to sabotage the World Grand Prix.

And finally, we have Tomber, voiced by Michael Michelis, whose name means "to fall" in French. A fitting moniker if ever there were one because Tomber is a Reliant Robin, the British three-wheeler that the boys on Top Gear UK like to play with so much.

Check out the official character descriptions from Pixar and a turntable video of Professor Z after the jump, and click here to read about all of the new characters in CARS 2.

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Siddeley (voice of Jason Isaacs)

Siddeley is a state-of-the-art British twin-engine spy jet. At 246 feet from nose to tail and an impressive 198-foot wingspan, the super sleek silver-bodied Siddeley streaks through international skies at record-breaking mach 1 speeds. Outfitted with all the latest in high-tech spy equipment, including cloaking technology, defensive weaponry and afterburners, Siddeley is Finn's steadfast partner-in-fighting-crime around the globe.

Professor Z (voice of Thomas Kretschmann)

Professor Z, aka "The Professor," is an internationally wanted weapons designer in a small, sophisticated German package. He is a brilliant, but mad monocle-wearing scientist who is plotting to sabotage the World Grand Prix. Though his true motive is unclear, Professor Z is willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate all obstacles and keep the "project" on schedule.

Tomber (voice of Michel Michelis)

Tomber is a dubious little French car with an unusual, and very unstable, three-wheeled design that befits the meaning of his name – to fall. By trade he deals car parts from a stall in a Parisian market-though his questionable merchandise sources have led to his reluctant acquaintance with British secret agent Finn McMissile.