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On February 25th, Mitsubishi Motors wheeled out a single battery-powered i-MiEV to celebrate the launch of its electric hatch in the Republic of Costa Rica. Sales of Mitsubishi's battery-powered vehicle will initially be restricted to fleet customers, but by offering the i-MiEV in Costa Rica, the Japanese automaker can officially claim that sales have commenced in Latin America.
The i-MiEV launch ceremony was held in the country's capital city of San Jose, with local Mitsubishi distributor Veinsa, electric company executives, and Costa Rica's President, Laura Chinchilla, on hand. The Costa Rican government hopes to deploy more electric vehicles soon in an effort to reduce emissions and become a "carbon offset country" that emits zero CO2 by 2021.

After launching in Japan years ago, the i-MiEV hit dealerships in Hong Kong and Australia. Shortly thereafter, sales of the electric hatch spread to Europe and, by this fall, the electric i will land in showrooms in the U.S.

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i-MiEV Goes on Sale in Costa Rica

Tokyo, February 28, 2011 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced the commencement of new generation electric vehicle i-MiEV sales in Republic of Costa Rica, mainly to fleet customers such as government affiliates and electric companies. This marks the first country to start sales of i-MiEV in Latin America. The launching ceremony was held in the capital city of San Jose on February 25th, amongst the attendee of about 300 people such as local MMC distributor VEINSA Co., local electricity company executives, and the President of Republic of Costa Rica.

Costa Rican government has been assertive in taking environmental initiatives, and aims to be a "Carbon offset country" that emits zero CO2, by 2021. They have high hopes in using EVs as transportation tools to reduce CO2 emission, and will offer exemption of custom duty as part of the preferential treatment for EV purchasers.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV started its sales mainly to fleet customers in July of 2009, followed by the full launch in April 2010 to individual customers. In addition to high environmental performance and handling inherent to a car with a compact body, the i-MiEV has been praised for its motive power, stability, quietness and its comfortable ride.

After its launch in Japan, i-MiEV sequentially moved forward with its sales to Hong Kong, Australia, and most recently Europe – and also will began to sell its expanded model in the United States this fall.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      The car is in production, and salable in many markets, so for pity's sake, why can't they sell it in the US?

      Is the Mitsubishi strategy to let GM & Nissan capture the US EV market, and then to come in as a 2nd gen car fighting over the scraps?
        • 4 Years Ago
        They have had to redesign for the US, because of space considerations and also possibly to meet regulations there including safety.
        • 4 Years Ago
        that might be it...

        I don't understand Mitsubishi... Mr. Osamu Masuke or whatever the heck his name is, was arguing the other day saying how "We're not planning on getting out of the US... the US is one of the markets we're concerned with the most... blah blah blah..."

        Yet they either leave us for last, or sometimes even fail to bring in an automobile that actually sells well elsewhere...

        Is there like a separate management for the US operations? cause if there is, please get rid of them!!! Man these guys know how to build the Lancer Evolution, yet they lack on EVERYTHING ELSE!

        Good God! what a failure of a company seriously... I'm already tired of trying to convince other people to give Mitsu a chance... how can you help those who don't want to help themselves?!
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