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If you're still trying to work your mind around how the new BMW i brand fits with the company's ultimate driving machine mantra, Autocar may have the piece of the puzzle that you're missing. According to reports, the German automaker is currently planning to flesh out the fledgling marque with a host of alternative fuel vehicles.

Not everything under the i banner won't be sailing on all-electric power all the time. The news came courtesy of BMW marketing head honcho Ian Robertson, though he chose not to delve deeper into what other types of alternative fuel we could see from the green arm of BMW.

Autocar also stole some time with BMW R&D boss Klaus Draeger, who said the upcoming i8 won't boast the same fuel-savvy diesel engine as the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept. Instead, the production version of the vehicle will carry a small gasoline engine on board to make it more appealing in various markets (including the States, we'd imagine) all over the world.

While there aren't any specifics on exactly which engine will find its way into the new green supercar, we'd think that the new BMW turbocharged four-cylinder wouldn't be a bad guess. Also interesting are reports that BMW may extend its new i sub-brand to its motorcycle division, possibly with a range of hybrid and/or electric two- and three-wheeled scooters, motorcycles and trikes.

[Source: Autocar, Visordown]

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      Newtag for ads: "iBMW-the Penultimate Driving Machine" (heh heh!)
      • 4 Years Ago
      I wish they would offer a common single modular-configuration motorcycle successor to the R1150RS, R1100S, R1200S, and R1200ST, with the new DOHC boxer.

      R1200RS please, with 2nd generation duolever front suspension, and left-side Paralever Evo CV-jointed rear suspension upgrade. Optional automated-clutch gearbox, maybe with the Xtrac IGS instant shifting system. All of those could be shared in common with both the K-bikes and R-bikes.

      Half-faired or full-faired, sport or touring seats, Electronic suspension control, defeatable ABS brakes, and modular BMW system case attachments optional.

      Then they could combine the R1200R with their Lo-Rider concept to make a simpler, more affordable roadster/cafe-racer/scrambler modular-config bike, with telelever or telescopic forks, and standard coil-over dampers.

      Get the real stuff right before going off on flights of fancy with applying "i" stuff to the BMW bikes.
      • 4 Years Ago
      This concept reminds me of the Lean Machine GM showed in 1982.

      • 4 Years Ago
      I cannot believe they are calling the brand this. Marketers need to stop using "i" and "my" prefixes. Now. It's totally played-out. Apple should sue them all.

      Creativity -1