EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept
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EDAG is headed back to the Geneva Motor Show with a new take on car sharing. The company plans to unveil the new Light Car Sharing Concept, a machine that blends lightweight composites, modular pieces and an electric drivetrain to solve many of the woes facing communal autos at the moment. Along with body panels and interior components that can be easily swapped out for new pieces as wear and tear take hold, the concept comes with sophisticated GPS tracking software to allow car sharing companies to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times.

EDAG says that this new technology will help make car sharing more efficient in the future. At the heart of the vehicle is an axle-mounted electric drive system powered by lithium-ion batteries. All told, the gear is good for a range of 62 miles and a top-speed of 62 miles per hour. There are no output or acceleration figures to be had as of this writing, though that might change as we get closer to next week's show.

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