Rinspeed BamBoo concept at the Geneva Motor Show
Rinspeed BamBoo – Click above to watch the videos after the jump

Rinspeed's oddball creations are as much rare birds as they are strange ones. Every year we arrive in Geneva and take a good long look at the latest one before moving on, and then the cars are never to be seen again. And we wouldn't expect any different from this year's bizarre concept car.

Called the BamBoo, it's the Swiss firm's vision of a modern-day, all-electric, open-air beach buggy of sorts, and, like its predecessors, bears little in the way of resemblance to any other car on the road today. Well, maybe the old Fiat Jolly, Mini Moke and any number of fiberglass-bodied dune buggies...

So if you want to take a closer look at the BamBoo in its intended natural habitat – Saint-Tropez – check out the quartet of videos after the jump. Because the show will soon be over, and so will the car that Rinspeed built for it. Oh, and guys: looks like the driver above is single... says so right at the front of the car.

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[Source: Caradisiac]