Ram Runner
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There's some big news buzzing around the Ram Runner Concept at the moment. We've known for a good while now that Chrysler is planning to offer a kit to convert any Ram 1500 pickup into the desert raiding beast seen above, but according to PickupTrucks.com, the company's engineers have managed to pull a few stunts to make the vehicle completely street legal.

The biggest hangup was that the conversion kit widens the vehicle's track from 68.2 inches up front and 67.5 inches out back to 77.5 and 74.5 inches respectively. In order to make everything right as rain with Jonny Law, Chrysler had to throw in a couple of illuminated fender markers in the name of safety.

That's great news and all, but there's more. It turns out Chrysler is mulling the notion of selling the Ram Runner as a turn-key vehicle instead of as a pile of parts available from your local dealer. If the automaker decides to go that route, you can expect the company to turn to an outside builder to convert standard Ram 1500 models into a full-blooded Ford F-150 SVT Raptor fighter.

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