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BioJet International Ltd. has received a whopping $1.2 billion of financial backing from Equity Partners Fund SPC. The massive amount of capital will allow BioJet, an international supplier of renewable aviation fuels, to fund its biofuel development and launch projects aimed at expanding the use of renewable feedstocks.

BioJet chairman Mitch Hawkins remarked on the significance of receiving monetary backing:
This funding agreement with Equity Partners will form the cornerstone of BioJet capital projects and accretive EBIDTA positive acquisitions over the next five years. It enables a clear path to the expansion of our Camelina, Jatropha, and Algae feedstock projects as well as our Avia renewable jet refining projects in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. We will also be seeking acquisitions of listed companies which can add value geographically and strategically.
BioJet's renewable fuel operations cover feedstock generation, fuel refining, logistics, sustainability certification, and distribution to the end user.

[Source: Green Car Congress | Image: abdallahh – C.C License 2.0]

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      Late last year, a key associate was slapped with a ''cease and desist'' order by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Joseph B. LaRocco, general counsel to the company at the heart of Donovan's empire, Equity Partners, was accused of deceiving 12 investors through a ''purported hedge fund''. LaRocco, a 53-year-old New York attorney who lives in Connecticut, is a principal of LeadDog Capital LP. The SEC orders describe LeadDog making ''reckless misrepresentations'', ''deliberately concealing'' information from investors, preying on the elderly and lying to its auditors. This venture, the SEC found, was a ''tangled web of related parties and conflicts of interest''. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-guru-who-surfs-the-web-to-make-a-fast-buck-20120303-1u9nu.html#ixzz2IdhF22IT
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      Wow! 1.2 billion. That's a lot of bones.

      Wonder who the principal partners in the Equity Firm are. .... hmmmm?
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        Well here's some information...they sounds like sharks and crooks:

        Joseph B. LaRocco
        Managing Director

        Joseph B. LaRocco, 52, is a Managing Director of Equity Partners Fund SPC (“EPF”), its General Counsel and a portfolio manager of its various portfolio companies. He conducts due diligence on the companies in which EPF invests and prepares the various investment agreements used by EPF to make its investments to ensure those investments meet the fund’s investment guidelines.

        Joseph was one of the early pioneers of the equity line funding structure that is the main investment vehicle used by EPF today to make investments on a global basis. Through this structure he has advised companies and hedge funds how to maximize their funding needs, while at the same time protecting their share price and avoiding excessive dilution.

        He has structured and formed domestic and offshore hedge funds for clients and advised them in the areas of investment structure and strategy as well as numerous trading, regulatory and anti-money laundering issues. Joseph has also represented and advised private and public companies, broker-dealer firms, investment bankers, and high net worth individuals. He has advised these clients in the areas of public listings, reverse mergers, deal structure, securities regulations, private placements, compliance matters and due diligence. Joseph has also advised clients on numerous investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, drafting financing documents and negotiating deal terms.

        Joseph is currently a director of LeadDog Capital L.P., a New York based hedge fund. He is a graduate of Southwestern University School of Law and Pace University.

        Alvin Donovan
        Managing Director

        Alvin was one of the founding pioneers of the hedge fund industry and was involved in launching the first hedge funds in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

        Alvin is an international investment banking, finance, IT, sales, marketing, property expert, philanthropist and author of the bestselling sales and marketing book “Make More Money NOW”. Alvin is also the co author with Deepak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen of the number 1 mega best seller “Wake up and live the life you love” which won acclaim as:

        * #2 Bestseller - Top 100
        * #1 Bestseller - Business Life and Careers
        * #1 Bestseller - Business Life Inspirational
        * #1 Bestseller - Business People - Conduct of Life
        * #1 Bestseller - Business Personal Growth

        Alvin has over 20 years international entrepreneur business experience at the CEO level and over 10 years internet experience. He has raised over $1,500,000,000 for new ventures. As the general manager for a division of a large financial institution he took them from a market share of 1% and 26th out of 28places to a 15% market share and number 1 place within 90 days of beginning his assignment. In addition, he was one of the founding pioneers of the hedge fund industry.

        Alvin is also a past consultant/faculty member for most of the world’s largest management institutes including the American Management Association and the National Management Association in the USA, Management Center Europe in Belgium, IMI in Dublin, OPWZ in Vienna, ZFU in Zurich, IEP of Amsterdam, APM of Bangkok, RAYMA in Kuala Lumpur, APM in South Africa and LPMB in Jakarta.

        He has lectured/consulted to top level executives from major international corporations such as ABB, Alcatel, ATT, Avon, Bank Central Asia, Barclays, Bisnis Indonesia, Canon, Citibank, Digital Equipment, DSM, Dupont, ERA, Garuda, Guinness, Hawaiian Tropic, Hilton, IBM, ITT, Johnson & Johnson, John Robert Powers, Kimberly Clark, Kraft Jacobs, MasterCard, Mazda, Merck, Nestle, Occidental, Otis, Proctor & Gamble, Prudential, Radio Bisnis Jakarta, Rekayasa, Sasol, Samsung, Sony, Suchard,Sumitomo, 3M, TNT, Wall Street Institute, Wella, Winterthur and Xerox.

        He has been featured on over 1500 radio and TV shows worldwide and is regarded as an expert in sales, marketing, media, publicity, internet marketing, branding, startups, investment banking and strategic alliances.


        Nice list if companies that have been raping and pillaging our environment and economy. Greed trumps all.


        "Chairman Mitch Hawkins said “This funding agreement with Equity Partners will form the cornerstone of BioJet capital projects and accretive EBIDTA positive acquisitions over the next five years. It enables a clear path to the expansion of our Camelina, Jatropha, and Al
          • 2 Years Ago
          Alvin has been verified as a serial fraudster over decades. His modus operandi has attracted credible media commentary and investigations (ongoing) by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Latest pretense has also attracted SEC sanctions and ongoing investigations of Equity Partners Fund (one of numerous ventures over the last 2 decades) and its affiliates. Subject to numerous and varied complaints on this site and mainstream press. The man has no money, ethics or credibility.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Equity Partners Fund SPC is a FRAUD. Joseph LaRocco is under investigation as is Alvin Donovan. Contact the Securities and Exchange Commission to learn more.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Does this have anything to do with the recent Wikileaks story about Saudi oil production peaking in 2012? Must be expensive to operate planes in an oil market where the sky is the limit.....
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