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2012 Toyota Yaris – Click above for high-res image gallery

has officially confirmed that it will unveil its long-awaited and much-rumored Yaris hybrid concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Japanese automaker didn't reveal any specs for the hybridized Yaris, but did state that the gas-electric concept will sport design cues that will make it stand out from the conventional Yaris.

From what we've gathered in the past, Toyota intends to manufacturer a "small hybrid car" at its Valenciennes plant in France beginning in 2012. Given that the gasoline-powered Yaris is built there, coupled with countless reports claiming that the Yaris would become the foundation of the automaker's low-cost subcompact hybrid, it is almost a given that Toyota will launch a production gas-electric version of the Yaris sometime in 2012.

Toyota will also bring "a further expansion of the Prius family" to Geneva, which it calls, the "first car to offer European customers the versatility of 7 seats combined with a full hybrid powertrain." Sounds like an even bigger Prius V to us.

For now, it appears unlikely that the gas-electric Yaris will hit U.S. dealerships, but we'll be sure to grab live shots of the hybridized subcompact and the Prius+ when they hit the stage in Geneva.

[Source: Toyota]

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Reinforcing its conviction that full hybrid technology is the key to sustainable mobility in the future, Toyota's 2011 Geneva Motor Show stand will be dedicated to the company's range of sophisticated Hybrid Synergy Drive® technologies. These include full Hybrid Vehicles (HV), Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV), Electric Vehicles (EV), and

Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV) on display.

Making its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Yaris HSD concept anticipates Toyota's intention to bring full hybrid technology to the B segment, the biggest volume segment in Europe. This represents the next step in Toyota's full hybrid roll-out strategy in Europe. Incorporating several hybrid-specific styling cues, the Yaris HSD concept introduces a new, forward-looking design execution.

The Prius+, also debuting at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, is a further expansion of the Prius family. The Prius+ is the first car to offer European customers the versatility of 7 seats combined with a full hybrid powertrain. As its name suggests, the Prius+ provides a significant increase in space and passenger accommodation, while sacrificing none of the traditional attributes found in the Prius DNA, such as the lowest fuel consumption of any 7-seat MPV on the market.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Months Ago
      As long as this is a strong hybrid like the Prius then the fuel economy should be even better than the Prius, and a little longer AER too? Not that the Prius has much, but it stands to reason a smaller lighter car should best the Prius.
        • 8 Months Ago
        Aew you retarded? The volt weighs another 1000 lbs then the prius, less light weight batteries and body. It uses double the power of the Miev for the same milage on coal(mercury). The prius uses no coal, and is far more efficient with the gasoline pollution. The volt is ungreen, one should be ashamed to drive one, I've read these and many science sites for 3 years, I know the math. Volt=Lame=Non-innovation too heavy with engine and batts.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I imagine that the Yaris HEV will be marketed in the markets that the current Yaris is popular in, and that the Prius C will be marketed in the U.S. and other markets where the Prius is more popular. If Toyota does make a plug-in of these two vehicles, with a similar battery size to the current PHEV Prius, then they will be very popular indeed.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Anyone want to speculate on the relationship between the Yaris Hybrid and the "Prius C"?

      Would the Prius C be a C-segment car and the Yaris be a B-segment? I'm never sure where the size cut-offs are. Is the Prius we know today a D-segment?
        • 8 Months Ago
        I have been wondering exactly the same.
        If snowdog is right that the sizes are pretty much the same than I am really a little confused why they would show this 'c' concept in the states and imply it would sell here and then show a 'yaris hybrid' in EU.
        There must be quite some overlap....

        Perhaps the 'c' is using the current prius drivetrain but just in a smaller vehicle and the yaris will have a less powerful drive train - which everyone always thinks amaricans will not want.

        I'm quite curious to see this concept and see how it compares in looks to the 'c' they showed in the states though.
        You'd think if the size is generally the same then utility and air flow would dictate a pretty similar look - if not just pure economy of scale of doubling up on parts.
        • 8 Months Ago
        Sorry, should have looked here before asking:


        Seems like the Prius is a D-segment, the Prius C will probably (from the little we know about it) be a C-segment, and the Yaris a B-segment.

        That seems like a smart distribution to me.
        • 8 Months Ago
        AFAIK the Prius C concept and the new Yaris are each about 153 inches in length.

        I imagine they are in exactly the same class, in production I would bet the Prius C is essentially a Yaris with Hybrid and some body changes.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Several SUV and MPV platforms that are 5 seaters in the USA are sold as 7 seaters in Europe and Japan, so I suspect the 7-seater European hybrid is the same Prius V as in the USA, just configured differently.
      Steven W. Diffy
      • 8 Months Ago
      I hope this Yaris looks better in person. The drawings I am seeing are quite ugly.
      • 8 Months Ago
      So why not call the Yaris Hybrid as Prius B?

      It seems that using the Hybrid technology in other Toyota models, such as the Camry, was not clearly noticed by the public and have an effect of diluting the product.
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