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The Japanese-market Lexus CT 200h and HS 250h feature an electronic fuel-saving device called the Harmonious Driving Navigator. Ahhhh, doesn't that tickle your ears? This system assists in saving fuel by alerting drivers when they hammer the pedal to the floor, accelerate briskly or pilot the vehicle in a way that consumes more gasoline than the Harmonious Driving Navigator deems necessary at the time. But it does so much more: it can give money to charity.

The Harmonious Driving Navigator tracks each vehicle's fuel economy and issues points to drivers based on overall efficiency and performance in several other categories. Drivers can then redeem points to fund charitable organizations listed on the Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan. The better you drive, the more money goes to the charities.

Lexus' Harmonious Driving Navigator operates under a similar principle to other fuel-saving systems, like Nissan's Eco-Pedal and Ford's EcoGuide, but goes one step further by monitoring driving habits and comparing each individual with a database of records to determine who is the greenest Lexus hybrid driver in all of Japan.

[Source: Lexus Enthusiast via Green Car Reports]

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      I've no doubt that the day will come where your insurance premiums will be set by a system like this that monitors your driving style. Eventually, you'll be issued speeding tickets off of in car data combined with GPS. This is the carrot, but next the stick!
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      This looks like the Japanese version - the UNESCO Japan page was certainly in Japanese, and "Harmonious Driving Navigator" certainly sounds like the English translation of a Japanese name. Makes me wonder when Toyota will introduce this to the US market, what US charities will they list to benefit, and if they will use a different name here.

      BTW, "Lexus" is the Toyota luxury brand overseas, the same luxury cars in Japan are sold under the Toyota name.
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        Not sure about that last part...
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