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Myers Motors Duo – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's been about 15 months since the first pics of the Myers Motors Duo were released, and there hasn't exactly been a snowstorm of news about the car since then. The company is going a bit public with a new blog called "The Electric Car that Could." The name came from Dana Myers' daughter, but, Dana writes:

I loved it, but I do need to mention that, as you can see, our vehicle is a three-wheel vehicle with a tear drop shape that is great for aerodynamics but, because it is a three-wheel vehicle, it is classified as a motorcycle: it is not a car (as the blog title might suggest).

So, what's up with this electric trike? Myers told AutoblogGreen that:

We are in the process of building out our two passenger electric vehicle and have some people who were interested in pre-production vehicles. This blog was started to give them an update on where things stood.

That update includes a timeline for the vehicle that currently exists ony in full-scale foam mock-up form. Myers says that the the first real Duo will be ready in March and that pre-production vehicles will be delivered this April. Last time we heard, the car should cost around $24,995, give or take. Oh, and that Duo name shares more than three letters with the company's previous car, the NMG. The earlier vehicle stood for "No More Gas." The two-person Duo means, well, "Doesn't Use Oil."

Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

  • Myers Motors Duo
  • Myers Motors Duo

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      Not everyone is looking for a low efficiency (over 200 Wh/mi) 4-wheel steel box from Nissan or Chevrolet (or the other majors when they finally deliver) that the whole family could fit in for a run to gramma's. There is a niche for commute oriented "motorcycle plus" type vehicles with two seats, just like there is a pretty sizeable market for two seat sporty cars. I've been driving one (NmG) for almost 4 years now as my daily driver averaging less than 150Wh/mi on a mixed freeway, expressway, city street commute. As gasoline prices have reached the $3.45/gal for 87 octane around here, I'm getting a lot of questions at intersections like, "how much does one of those cost?", "how far can it go on a charge?", "how long does it take to re-charge?", just like I got back in '08 when gas hit prices just under $5/gal here in the Bay Area.
      I saw my first Volt at a major expressway/boulevard intersection today here in Silicon Valley, and yes it contained a solo driver with 3+ empty seats, just like the quad cab F-350 dually in front of it and the Nissan Altima behind it. The Volt was already running on the range extender as it went by.
      Strange and im(un)practical indeed...
        • 4 Years Ago
        How could you notice the Volt was in range extending mode while on the express way? If it was stopped the enigine shuts off. When it starts from a stop in range extening mode the ICE is off initially.

        • 4 Years Ago
        I'm ok with an extreme design if it has merit but the nmg uses 180Wh/mile on motorway so what is this one going to use? if it's as much as a leaf...

        extreme has to have merit. let's see some CdA and wh/km figures. I'd be concerned that all it delivers is odd looks. intent is not enough
        • 4 Years Ago
        I was sitting at a left turn lane facing south, and the Volt was turning left from the cross traffic direction (traveling east) to my right. The Volt had departed the left turn pocket and driven far enough for the range extender to fire up before it passed by me while I was sitting there with my window rolled down.
        • 4 Years Ago
        if the price is down to 25 now then why doesn't their website reflect this?

        do you know the pack size of the base model?
        • 4 Years Ago
        The 180Wh/mi came from a 50 mile run on the freeway at 72mph, air temperature 34°F. The vehicle sat overnight with a full charge below freezing before the run.
        At temperatures in the low 60°F range at 65mph I typically achieve 171Wh/mi on the freeway. On local expressways at 50mph, 10 miles with one stop, I get about 102Wh/mi.

        Their web site is a little out of date, but last fall this was the circumstance:
        "Our goal was to get enough pre-sale interest to justify a profitable sales price of $24,995 for our two-passenger Duo. I am happy to announce that between pre-order interest and some engineering improvements, we are within $1000 of that figure. We believe we will be able to meet our target pricing by the time our Duo hits the street."
        This winter, their pricing target was hit according to information (restricted access) I have.

        Because the NmG was originally designed around a nominal 8.6Kwh Lead Acid pack, the Li-Ion pack that replaces it is approximately the same, maybe a little larger. The above mentioned 50 mile run burned 9Kwh, so I'm estimating about 11-12Kwh pack for the 60 mile range version.

        As for CdA, the NmG has 1800 square inch surface area, but I don't know the Cd. Some have estimated it to be around 0.3, but it really is a guess at best. The Duo is currently a foam model, so any info will be based on a CAD model, not a real vehicle, yet.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Here's what their website says:

      "24,995 for the base model with a 60-mile range. We need to start the pricing at $29,995 until we can commit to that volume, but Myers Motors will drop the retail price for everyone by $1000 for every 200 pre-orders on the books until it reaches the $24,995 target price."

      On top of that it is $5,000 extra if you want a battery pack that will go 100 miles.

      I think it is a cool car but as others mentioned it is to little to late at this price and range.
        • 4 Years Ago
        They have reached the $24,995 price for the base (60 mile range) model. So now it's $29,995 for the 100 mile range model.

        Yeah, we should all be seeking something that seats 4 or more, is made of steel, has 4-wheels, has lousy pack to wheels efficiency, but qualifies for the $7500 rebate so we can afford the $34K to $41K base price.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I think this has a chance, the car I have to use is a crappy Honda civic, and I am almost always alone in the car, and so are most of the people I know. This car could fill a gap in the automobile industry, as long as it is not called a car or a motorcycle, it should be okay. they are currently in testing mode (as far as I can tell) and will probably be in production mode soon, and i interest picks up, the price could be lowered.
      • 4 Years Ago
      usless untill they get the price down to 15k what will the Zap atlas come in for 3-4k less Doa for myers
        • 4 Years Ago
        Somehow I doubt Zap will deliver the Alias, let alone for under $15K. Their reputation precedes them, mostly known for scooters and extremely marginal quality NEV's with a single wheel in front. Everything else is smoke and mirrors imho...
      • 4 Years Ago
      3 wheelers have a chance, if they are significantly cheaper or significantly longer range than their competition. The Aptera vehicle had the best chance of being significantly longer range or cheaper, given its very low CD, but I haven't heard a whisper from them in months.
      • 4 Years Ago

      Putting it that way, doesn't sound like it can be built for $25k.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Too little, too late. We've already reached a point where EV enthusiasts no longer have to settle for strange and unpractical 3-wheel vehicles.

      If Coda is in trouble, the three-wheelers don't even have a chance.
      • 4 Years Ago
      good drivers, that aren't texting, don't hit potholes.

      In fact, take the challenge to not even hit those reflectors between lanes.
        • 4 Years Ago
        "good drivers, that aren't texting, don't hit potholes."

        You've never seen the streets in my city. The only way you can avoid the potholes is if you drive on the sidewalk. Even then, the sidewalks are pretty rough as well.

        People here drive SUVs for a reason. Between the common flooding at high tide that can put as much as a foot of water on the roads, to the streets that are ignored claimed by several different jurisdictions, the roads here will beat your car to death while it's parked.

        City won't pave, says they're state roads. State won't pave saying they're county highways. County won't pay because they're in the city limits, and they're part of the Federal Interstate. Meanwhile, the cobbles underneath from the 18th c are peaking through, and the marsh mud we've paved over has the stability of chocolate mousse. That's what happens when your road network was laid out a couple centuries before automobiles existed, and before the idea of a controlling legal authority to maintain them. Meh, it's someone elses' problem.

        Thank FSM President Obama owes our Mayor some "favors"

        "The $10 million federal grant comes from the $787 billion stimulus bill that President Barack Obama and Congress passed last year.

        The city had sought the full $146.3 million to complete its West Side drainage upgrade. While that bid fell short, the city received one of only 51 grant awards, beating out more than 1,300 competing projects.

        Riley said the city hopes to secure a $25 million grant next year to make similar road improvements on western Spring Street and President Street — the second phase of the three-phase construction schedule."



        /potholes annoy me, and I ride a farking bike!
      • 4 Years Ago
      If that qualified for the $7500 tax-rebate, it would sell.
        • 4 Years Ago
        It does qualify for a 10% (of purchase price, $2500) federal tax credit and here in CA a $3000 state tax rebate, so only about $5500 off $25K. That works out to $19,495.00. And, because it is a motorcycle, full coverage insurance will run around $300/yr (my 2007 NmG costs $238/yr), way less than a comparably priced automobile.

        So yeah, it's not like getting $7500 + $3000 off a $41K Volt (bringing it to $29.5K) or the same amount off a $34K Leaf (bringing it to $23.5K), but the fully rebated/credited cost is less than $20K and annual insurance will be less than half those automobiles.
      • 4 Years Ago
      This is the only trike I am considering (videos from top gear and jay leno if you scroll down) :


      And they're working on a hybrid electric powertrain... woo hoo!
      • 4 Years Ago
      If this is not priced under $12K it will fail. Few will pay high dollars for a belt-driven, RWD, DC powered project car with no regen and basic features and construction. At $8k they would sell like crazy. Sure, some foolish people will pay for the first 20-50, and that will likely be it at best. Bottom line, not profitable. As far as Zap, they will never sell anything but press releases.
        • 4 Years Ago
        The Duo will be FWD, contain an entertainment system, air conditioning, and as for regen, that is yet to be determined.
        Really, an entire fully enclosed three-wheel motorcycle with automotive caliber interior for $8K? Maybe a two wheel Honda 750 manufactured in annual unit volumes of 50K-75K for that price, or some micro Suzuki automobile made in the hundreds of thousands per year, but not a low volume niche vehicle.
        Do a little component cost research. How much do you think an AC motor, controller, inverter, 12Kwh Pack Li-Ion pack, BMS, FWD drive train, A/C system, and entire automotive caliber interior costs? All that stuff is sure to cost $8K or more, and we have yet to include any chassis or custom body panels to have a vehicle to mount all that stuff in.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Has anyone on here driven something like this, an Aptera, Zap, etc? It seems like you'd hit every pothole on the road with the rear wheel in the middle, so I'm curious as to how the suspension on such a vehicle would handle the road if it's not in good shape. Also, how would something like this fare on a wet or icy road? I realize most any vehicle will suffer some loss of traction, but how much would you lose with a three wheeled vehicle? Note that I am not saying it would be bad. I'm just questioning it, particularly if anyone has any real experience driving something like this regardless of the power train.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Yeah, I drive a NmG (RWD) as my daily driver year round for commuting around Silicon Valley. Just like any other motorcycle, one has to be constantly vigilant for potholes. I've learned to off-set the vehicle by 1/3 its width when straddling a pothole. Sometimes I miss by a little and have a partial drop-in of the rear tire, very manageable though. Because of the narrow track width (52") I can usually just drive around them without leaving the lane!

        Driving in the winter rain around here on the freeway isn't any more exciting than in a four wheel car, especially exit ramps, under the same conditions. Leaving a signal light in the rain is where caution is always good, all that torque from a dead stop usually breaks the rear tire loose on the crosswalk paint strips, so feathering it until about 5mph helps a lot. At 75+ mph on the freeway the NmG is very stable, although the short wheelbase and very quick steering ratio takes a little getting used to.

        The Duo will come with an "all weather drive-train", meaning it will be FWD, so likely to perform better in rain, ice, or snow conditions. It will be 72" wide and 12' long, so the wider stance and longer wheelbase will improve stability and control in comparison with the NmG.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Thank you for the insight. I'm not familiar with the NmG, though I will research it. I've seen a place to order plans for an XR3 hybrid. I think that would be a fun project to build a kit car like that. Can't really afford to at the moment, but it might be fun over a few years to do so.
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