2011 Nissan NISMO GT-R RC
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The speed-hungry fiends at Nismo have taken the time to unveil a new hardcore race version of the Nissan GT-R at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. This machine is built for tangoing in the world's most brutal endurance races, and the engineers behind it took the time to rip out every last unnecessary bit of weight and install all the hardware it needs to go fender to fender with other race-bred bruisers. That includes a set of stoppers capable of bringing the globe to a halt, a full roll cage and a more menacing suspension.

There's even an onboard jack system and a huge 31.67-gallon fuel tank onboard to minimize time in the pits and maximize the number of seconds that the car can stay out on track. Nismo calls this terror the GT-R RC for Racing Competition, and if you like what you see, you better call your CPA. Nissan says that the race-bred GT-R will command a ¥20,790,000 price tag when it goes on sale – a shave over $250,000 at current exchange rates.

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