• Jan 20th 2011 at 9:29AM
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It looks like it will be some time before Toyota enters the court room for the very first of the mountain of lawsuits that were bundled by a federal judge in relation to sudden-acceleration claims.
A federal judge has said he wants the first of the cases to be tried in the beginning months of 2013. That means the pre-trial discovery of evidence should be wrapped up by the end of 2012. U.S. District Judge James V. Selna made the announcement at a hearing on January 14. For those keeping track, Toyota is staring down the barrel of around 400 lawsuits related to the recall of over 8 million vehicles.

According to Bloomberg, Selna specifically urged trial lawyers to select "bellweather cases" designed to test the claims of both plaintiffs and the defendant sooner rather than later. According to the report, attorneys on both sides of the cases have agreed to Selna's time table.

Meanwhile, another set of personal injury cases are set to go to trial in Texas in February or March of 2012.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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      Does that mean the trial lawyers will starve?

      I'm willing to bet the court ends up tossing out >95% of these cases since we all know most of probably involve Camry drivers that don't know how to use cruise control.
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      Caddy-V is getting impatient already.
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      I assume (to a point) that if NHTSA, NASA and all the other government and non-government related departments investigating 'so-called' Electronic Related Issues with Toyota cars and indentify no shortcomings (which i assume is the scenario considering that the public has received virtually no feedback about the progress of these investigations) will not help many of these cases.

      Furthermore - for all those people (and departments) who publically slammed Toyota claiming 'Electronic Related Faults' without exhibiting any factual or proven evidance - will they be held liable by the courts if no fault/s are indentified.