• Jan 7, 2011
2011 Honda Ridgeline – Click above for high-res image gallery

We'll admit it – while it has its virtues, the Honda Ridgeline certainly isn't our first (or second... or third) choice as the best truck currently on sale. Apparently, consumers agree. In fact, Honda only sold 16,142 Ridgelines in 2010, and when you compare that to the fact that General Motors sold 24,642 of the somewhat underwhelming Chevrolet Colorado pickups, the business case for the Ridgeline seems very weak, especially in lieu of the recent death of Honda's other offbeat all-terrain offering, the Element.

According to USA Today, however, the Ridgeline isn't headed for the Great Parking Lot in the Sky just yet. Quite the contrary, actually. American Honda's executive vice president, John Mendel, says the Ridgeline has developed a very strong following over the years, telling USA Today that Honda believes it has "a ways to go on the Ridgeline."

This in mind, we'd expect to see a refreshed version of Honda's truck within the next few years. If Honda is seriously committed to offering the Ridgeline, let's hope the automaker can broaden its appeal to truck shoppers, because if dismal sales numbers continue, Honda may have no choice but to change its tune and reach for the axe.

[Source: USA Today]

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      • 4 Years Ago
      If only Honda could just find a way to put the Ugly Stick back in the closet and not beat the crap out of the next gen Ridgeline. For what it is, it is not a bad truck. I think Honda had a fantastic idea with the Ridgeline but they had really piss poor execution. They half-assed the final design.

      Gas prices are headed to $4.00 and I think they may stay there for a long time. A unibody truck that gets great mileage would be a huge seller for the consumer market, but only if it doesn't look butt fugly..
      • 4 Years Ago
      I think post above shows problem with Ridgeline. Truck owners care more about looks than function.

      First this:

      " I had to admit it did everything better than my 2005 Silverado four-door short box. Smoother riding, quieter, more controlled, vastly better steering, incredibly tight structure...and the trunk below the bed as well as the two-way tailgate and flexible interior seating are not only clever but extremely well-executed."

      OK - so far so good. Poster goes on to say it is heavy, but basically positive. So what is the problem with Ridgeline? Function? No. The problem is that Honda concentrated too much on function, and didn't worry about looks.

      "But I don't have one yet because of the only other serious problem, and it's a big one. Which is, the designers dropped the ball in a major, major way on the styling of the thing. "

      Come on - I thought truck owners were 'sposed to be no-nonsense types who cared more about getting it done than image. In fact truck market is highly image dependent, For much of the market the most important things is the imposing mega-truck look.

      I'm not saying RL is best truck for everyone - there is no best truck for everyone. Some people have to tow heavier loads, etc. But there are many customers whose requirements would be met by Ridgeline, well, non-image requirements.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Honda provided an alternative tire storage location. But I doubt you care anyway.
        • 4 Years Ago
        I, too, have an image-related problem with the Ridgeline.

        I wouldn't want people to see me at the side of the road with a flat tire, unloading all the cargo from box of the truck to get to the spare.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Bravo to Honda for keeping the Ridgeline.

      I'm a domestic fan when I say that this is the difference that I see between some of the Japanese makes and domestics...the domestics come out sometimes with an idea that's poorly executed in its first pass (think Pontiac Aztek), then when everyone figures it out and the vehicle doesn't sell, they pull the plug. A Japanese car company will do the same thing but continually improve the car without pulling the plug, even if it means making major changes (the minivans, the pickups, etc). After a couple or three generations they all of a sudden have a successful vehicle.

      Look, I'm not fan of the Ridgeline's looks either. I have considered one, though, for the following reasons:

      -it doesn't look like every other car on the road. For better or worse you see one a quarter mile away, you know it's a Ridgeline.

      -People I know who have had them, love them and say they're great to drive

      -I'm not a heavy duty trucker but need to haul things...you know, the usual suburban dweeb.

      I ultimately HAVEN'T bought a Ridgeline because

      -the price
      -the price
      -the price
      -lousy fuel economy even for a vehicle this size and type
      -lastly the looks of the car aren't there yet. they need to fix the rear bed area; it just looks "off".

      Fix those things, drop the price to low or mid twenties (not $28 to $30k+ out the door) and Honda, you've got my attention.

      • 4 Years Ago
      Autoblog cracks me up:

      "the somewhat underwhelming Chevrolet Colorado"

      Are you guys getting paid by GM? The Colorado is the biggest (or 2nd biggest after the Ranger) pile of crap in it's class. "somewhat underwhelming"? LMAO!
        • 4 Years Ago
        These are the best replies, it shows the world you have no knowledge of the auto industry and must resort to juvenile and ineffective insults:)
        • 4 Years Ago
        LMAO! Everyone knows you have very little knowledge of the auto industry which is why you have to resort to lies and insults, by contrast I have been working in it since 1980 in a few different roles.

        You are right that it does'nt take much to detect a fraud on AB, and anyone that posts on here with the wild stories such as you places you squarely in that category. It's been rumored that with the government's (along with the UAW and D3) massive campaign to flood the web and blogs with hacks to attack Toyota's reputation (the D3's biggest threat), in a futile effort to make the D3 cars and trucks seem somewhat relevant, is in full force with you and a few noted others leading the charge. I hope you are compensated well for your work, it would be certifiably insane for someone to do it for free. I do enjoy fiction however, so keep up the bs stories. We can always rely on you for a good laugh.

        See how easy it is to make a BS post like yours? Nobody believes your BS. You know about as much about cars as my 6 year old nephew, your posts give you away.
        • 4 Years Ago
        The truth is, FT, I've forgotten more than you will ever know about cars. I've been collecting and restoring cars long before you were born. It does'nt take much to detect a fraud on AB, and anyone that posts on here with the wild stories such as you places you squarely in that category. It's been rumored that with Toyota's massive campaign to flood the web and blogs with hacks to defend Toyota's tarnished albiet deserved reputation and make negative comments about their competitors, especialy their biggest threat Ford, is in full force with you and a few noted others leading the charge. I hope you are compensated well for your work, it would be certifiably insane for someone to do it for free.
        I do enjoy fiction however, so keep up the bs stories. We can always rely on you for a good laugh.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Akio Toyoda let you out from under his desk to comment on a Honda post?
      • 4 Years Ago
      Plus the trailer towing stability assist? It detects trailer sway and compensates. Yes, some competitors are now adding this technology.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Talk, Talk, Talk! It's very simple, if you don't own a Ridgeline, you don't get it. No one bought a Ridgeline to pull 10,000 Lbs. or run the Baha 1,000. The truck is for taking the kids to soccer and picking up some groceries and supplys at the hardwear store. The people who got F-350's and Tundra's can do all the Super Duty, off road racing they want. Honda buyers want a vehicle that has comfort and durability and the Ridgeline gives them both.
        • 4 Years Ago
        So if people don't own it, they don't get it huh?

        Did the Ridgeline appear out of thin air and get into people's driveways? You know they need to be able to market this vehicle to people who don't own them, that's the only way to sell them.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Ridgeline is a full-size SUV with an open bed. It gets its job done.
        • 4 Years Ago
        jjc, I love it when fools pipe in claiming the Ridgeline is a minivan.

        The Ridgeline is 92% unique according to the Honda website. The FULLY B0XED FRAME married to the unibody structure makes the Ridgeline by far the most ridged structure of any competitor.

        Do some research before you spout off next time.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Ah, what's the matter Black and Blue. You UAW workers upset the Avalance can't outsell the Ridgeline?
        • 4 Years Ago
        Doesn't get it done better than Avalanche.
      • 4 Years Ago
      They should think about a diesel.
      Ron T. Hartman
      • 3 Years Ago
      I have a 2008 Ridgeline - I am a Senior Citizen and have owned lots of cars and trucks - The Ridgeline is the "best out of the bunch" in my opinion - Hope to buy a new 2012 model later this year
      • 3 Years Ago

      A 5-foot-long composite cargo bed with eight tie-down locations provides a half-ton payload rating of 1,100 pounds. Four cargo area lights illuminate both the bed and the in-bed trunk. A dual-action tailgate opens down for traditional access to the cargo area or to the side for ease-of-access to the 8.5 cubic-foot In-Bed Trunk. The Ridgeline is available with a wide variety of accessories and can conveniently accommodate motorcycles and ATVs.
      • 4 Years Ago
      The Ridgeline is the best rideing all around truck, brakes are great, all the power you need, bed is great. everything about this truck is great,try one out and you will see,the rtl is loaded,RIDES LIKE A CAR, SUV,AND A GREAT TRUCK
      • 4 Years Ago
      As a Ridgeline owner, I'm glad Honda is keeping it around. I really love my 08 RTL, all the features, handles great and is a super long haul driver! It's not for you if you need to haul a huge trailer all the time, but then, it is more aimed at the SUV shopper who needs a truck from time to time. My Ridgeline replaced my SUV and my pickup, works great for me! (Note to other owners: Don't know if anyone else can confirm this, but it seems like I get better gas mileage with mid-grade or premium gas, normally about 35 more miles per tank.)
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