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Why do people buy SUVs? Some do it for the cargo and passenger capacities. Some buy 'em because they like to sit high. But some buy sport-utes because, even though the most off-road action they'll ever see is a muddy parking lot, they want to know they can handle anything that comes along. But what if rough terrain or heavy snowfall isn't your biggest concern? What if you're more worried about being attacked by armed assailants? Well then... you're either living in a pretty nasty neighborhood, you're pretty damn important or you're just plain paranoid. In any event, this is the vehicle you'll need: the new Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured.

Developed with the security consultants at Centigon, the secure LR4 can withstand machine gun fire, 33 pounds of dynamite or even a couple of hand grenades tossed underneath. Unfortunately the added steel plating necessary to withstand such a barrage adds considerable heft to an already hefty vehicle, pushing the curb weight up to over 7,800 pounds.

Fortunately, Land Rover has given its armored model the big 5.0-liter V8, beefier brakes, upgraded air suspension and heavy-duty wheels with run-flat tires to handle the extra payload, but the big Landie can still hustle to 62 in 10.6 seconds and carry an additional 1,100 pounds of people and gear. Read all about it in the press release after the break.

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Land Rover Introduces Powerful New Discovery 4 Armoured Vehicle Gaydon, Warwickshire, December 17, 2010 - Land Rover is enhancing its range of factory-supported armoured vehicles with the launch of the powerful new Discovery 4 Armoured.

Replacing the successful Discovery 3 model, the Discovery 4 Armoured offers the same legendary all-terrain capability and state-of-the-art protection, but features an upgraded specification to deliver superior levels of performance, luxury and style.

Compared to the previous model, the Discovery 4 Armoured offers a more powerful 5.0-litre LR-V8 petrol engine, improved passive safety with an airbag restraint system for driver and front passenger, and a more luxurious interior with premium leather seats.

With discreet armouring and a generous 500kg payload, the new model provides highly versatile, safe and comfortable transportation for five people and their luggage.

Benefiting from Land Rover's extensive experience in the armoured vehicle market, the Discovery 4 Armoured is supplied with a full three-year, 80,000km factory warranty on the base vehicle and armour, along with comprehensive after-sales support from specialised technicians.

"The new Discovery 4 Armoured offers an outstanding breadth of capability, and enables occupants to travel across challenging terrains in confidence and safety," says John Graham, Commercial Manager Armoured Programs, Land Rover.

"Developed by Land Rover in partnership with global leaders in vehicle security, the Discovery 4 is the ideal choice for government agencies, security organisations and businesses whose employees are exposed to high-risk locations."

Fully certified armouring systems
Although virtually indistinguishable from the standard model, the Discovery 4 Armoured features ballistic steel armour and glazing which provides ballistic protection in accordance with European standards BS EN1522 level FB6 and BS EN 1063 level BR6 respectively.

Developed in partnership with the vehicle armouring specialists Centigon, it also provides blast protection against 15kg TNT (or equivalent) detonated in close proximity to the vehicle and under floor protection against two DM51 hand grenades. The protection offered was certified by QinetiQ®, a globally recognised independent blast and ballistic testing organisation.

"Rather than relying on testing the individual armour components, we have ensured that the entire vehicle is independently certified to B6 standards, so that we can be completely confident of its ballistic integrity," added John Graham.

Comprehensive engineering changes have been made to the base vehicle to ensure that it maintains optimum ride and handling on all surfaces, despite the additional mass of the armour.

The Discovery 4 chassis features independent air suspension, and modifications that include uprated air springs and retuned dampers, larger diameter anti-roll bars, and heavy duty Alcon disc brakes front and rear.

Land Rover engineers have also enhanced the passive Safety Systems in the new Discovery 4 Armoured, with driver's steering wheel and passenger fascia dual-stage airbag restraint systems.

Enhanced performance on all surfaces
Like the standard vehicle, the Discovery 4 Armoured comes equipped with advanced four-wheel-drive technologies to deliver outstanding all-terrain performance.

This includes full functionality of the latest generation Terrain Response System® - an armoured market class-leading feature, which enables the driver to configure the vehicle to negotiate a variety of surfaces, such as tarmac, ruts, grass, mud, snow or rocks, in the most effective way.

For enhanced performance, the Discovery 4 Armoured is equipped with the new 375PS
5.0-litre LR-V8 direct-injection petrol engine, replacing the 2.7-litre V6 turbo-diesel used in the previous model.

Teamed with a responsive six-speed automatic transmission, this refined and powerful new engine offers significantly faster acceleration, with 0-100km/h (62mph) achieved in just 10.6 seconds.

Comfortable and flexible interior
The interior of the Discovery 4 Armoured is both functional and extremely comfortable, providing a commanding elevated driving position and a flexible seating layout for up to five people. The practicality of the vehicle is significantly enhanced by the generous 500kg payload allowance.

Passengers will also appreciate the completely redesigned Discovery 4 cabin, which features a more stylish and sophisticated design with smooth and flowing surface treatments.

The quality of the interior materials has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous model, featuring premium leather upholstery on the seats and sumptuous real wood veneers.

Comprehensive support
Land Rover provides armoured vehicle customers with a comprehensive support programme, both before and after purchase.

A dedicated security consultant works closely with the customer during the sales process, to ensure their full requirements are met. Customers are able to select from an extensive choice of optional security features to provide the desired vehicle configuration.

Once the vehicle is in service, the customer has access to a full driver training programme. An armour specialist can provide optional services which include scheduled maintenance, support and vehicle familiarisation.

All Discovery 4 Armoured vehicles have a full three-year, 80,000km factory warranty.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      For those who commented on the hood space on the Jeep Compass, how could you miss the hugh gap in fender/hood fit on the Land Rover? OOPPS! I forgot, it's an import and on the Rover it represents a clever styling touch, on a Jeep it's a styling flaw.
      That Jeep looks good to most, except when viewed through biased eyes.
      By the way, what's so special about this Land Rover anyway? Make mine a Jeep!
        • 4 Years Ago
        In case you haven't noticed the import bias is pretty damn low, honestly its quite the opposite on this site. You bring up a good point about the clamshell gap, however IMO its much better integrated on this vehicle than the Compass. There's something about the line it follows at the headlight that makes it much more apparent on the Compass, it really does look like the hood is popped open, if that wasn't the case people wouldnt comment on it. My assumption is that its not as apparent in person as in photos. The compass redo is still pretty good compared to what it was. Anyways, that's just my opinion, not based on foreign bias either because honestly I wouldn't trust any overpriced Land Rover's reliability for a second, if I were to dish out big bucks on a lux SUV there are much better choices regardless of foreign or domestic.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I think I'd take an armored Land Cruiser over an LR4.
        • 4 Years Ago
        MajorGeek: Sorry I wasn't clear. I just don't trust the reliability of the current Land Rover vehicles, whether the Range Rover or the LR4. I love the styling of the Range Rover and the interior is gorgeous. But the prime purpose of an armored SUV is to get you out of Dodge, which it can't do if it is broken down by the side of the road.
      • 4 Years Ago
      FordGTGuy: Once again, these are not your typical runflats. They are designed to be usable even after being shot out. And they have been tested to ensure that they work.

      Second, submachine guns (i.e., fully automatic pistol caliber carbines) are actually not all that great at penetrating tires.

      Third, in a third-world country, you are far more likely to run up against someone carrying an assault rifle (specifically, an AK-47 variant), which is far more powerful than a submachine gun. An assault rifle != submachine gun.

      Fourth, shooting out a tire on a moving vehicle is harder than it looks.

      Fifth, you don't know beans about armored vehicles.
        • 4 Years Ago

        When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

        "I'm sorry but I don't know of a tire that currently exists that can't be penetrated by a fire arm." Sure, they can be. But 1) the tire isn't that large a target, compared to the passenger compartment. 2) Ambushes involving gunshots are usually designed to kill the passengers, so fire is aimed at the passenger compartment, not at the tires. 3) Different firearms are, well, different. The behavior of a 7.62x39mm spitzer-style bullet fired at 2000 feet per second is quite different than the behavior of a 9mm round nose bullet fired at 1200 feet per second. Heavier, slow, rounder bullets are less likely to penetrate when fired at an oblique angle. 4) The tires are designed to be driveable even after they are shot up.

        "Also a well-aimed sub-machine gun, like a P90, would have a higher chance of hitting a tire as it has a high rate of fire." 1) You can well-aim any gun. 2) A P90? Are you serious? Really? Explain to me which criminal gangs or insurgents carry P90s? P90s simply aren't common anywhere (and there are very good reasons for that). Nor is the 5.7mm round common. AK-47 variants, in contrast, can be found most anywhere. 3) The rate of fire of a P90 isn't that much more than your typical assault rifle. The P90 rate of fire is 900 rounds per minute. The AK-47 is 600. The AK-74 rate of fire is 650 to 735. The difference in rate of fire isn't going to make much difference.

        Please realize that Call of Duty is a computer game; it is make believe.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Are those little blue lights above the grille badge unique to this truck?... Wouldn't that defeat making the armored truck look as "normal" as possible?
      • 4 Years Ago
      If Tupac had owned one of these...
      • 4 Years Ago
      this is exactly the type of thing I would buy if I wont the lottery, not because I need it or because I'm paranoid, but "just because".

      This is after of course my Murcielago.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I don't think I'd ever buy it just for the hell of it. I'd love to be filthy rich, but if it comes at the cost of having a target on my head I'd rather be the normal joe shmoe that I am.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Needs a mounted machine gun....too much defense and no offense.

      Not a half bad job at integrating bullet proof windows, usually they look really goofy.
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