Forza Motorsport 4 trailer teaser
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November 2010 was a big month for driving simulator-loving PlayStation 3 owners. Gran Turismo 5 finally hit store shelves nearly six years after GT4 set the gaming world aflame. GT5 is a PS3-only affair, though, so xBox fans have little to get excited about. But then again, most xBox champions probably feel they already have a hyper-realistic driving simulator courtesy of the Forza series. And according to the official Forza Motorsport website next Fall will see the debut of Forza 4.

That's right; just one year after GT5 finally graced our presence and only two years after Forza 3 was minted, an all-new Forza is waiting in the wings. We're a little shy on details at at this point, but we're guessing the game will build upon the 500 cars in the Forza 3 Ultimate Collection, with more tracks, more racing styles and, hopefully, even more stunning graphics. Hit the jump to watch the Forza Motorsport 4 teaser, and chime in on the battle of Forza versus Gran Turismo in our poll below. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Which camp are you in; Forza or Gran Turismo?
I'm a Forza fan through and through4682 (55.5%)
The Gran Turismo series blows Forza away3756 (44.5%)

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