1915 van Blerck Special Speedster
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Make room on your holiday list, boys and girls; here's something we definitely want to see under ye olde yuletide pine tree this year. On second thought, you'd better make it a redwood.Tucked away in the Other Makes section of eBay Motors is a custom racer with a fire engine chassis and a 17-liter engine borrowed from one of the most famous racing boat manufacturers of the early 20th century. Called the 1915 van Blerck Special Speedster, this awesome ground-pounder is over six feet tall and nearly 18 feet long. All 17-liters of displacement from the vehicle's engine is soaked up by just six cylinders, each of which has three spark plugs all to itself.

The engine was created by none other than Joseph van Blerck – an engineer who crafted record-setting engines for speed boats in the early part of the last century. According to the seller, the engine produces well over 200 horsepower and is more than capable of scooting the big machine to speeds of over 100 mph. That is, if you're brave enough to lean on the vehicle's chain-drive system. You can buy it now for the low price of $199,000, though the seller says that trading is always an option, too. Us? We think it'd make a bitchin' new sleigh for Santa.

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[Source: eBay Motors]