Spy Shots: Pagani C9
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While you might be at home recovering from a Turkey-induced hangover, the dedicated spy photographers of the world are out and about, dutifully catching glimpses of new cars as they are tested. One lucky lensmith caught a camouflaged Pagani C9 being put through a rigorous testing regime.

And rigorous it is, with a reported 500,000-plus combined kilometers having ticked off the odometers of the four prototypes and one test mule. Pagani wants to hit 700,000 kilometers before the car shows its unmasked face, which looks almost Fisker-esque in the photos you see here.

The Pagani C9 is powered by an AMG-developed V12 engine, which is not related to the V12 found in the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. Rumor has it that the V12 powering the C9 produces over 700 horsepower while also lowering C02 emissions to sub-supercar levels.

We're still calling it the C9, but the real name will be revealed sometime in the next few weeks. Pagani's Zonda replacement, whatever moniker it might wear, should make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2011. If that happens, you can be certain we'll be on hand to capture it from every angle.

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Spy Shots: Pagani C9Spy Shots: Pagani C9Spy Shots: Pagani C9Spy Shots: Pagani C9Spy Shots: Pagani C9Spy Shots: Pagani C9

[Source: Carpix]