• Nov 13th 2010 at 9:01AM
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Just days after reporting that London's mayor, Boris Johnson, may seek to slash funding for the city's electric vehicle (EV) program, we stumbled upon this announcement stemming from the mayor's desk: London's city-wide EV charging network, Source London, will launch in Spring 2011 and install 1,300 public-use chargers across the sprawling city by the end of 2013. The Source London network allows EV owners to power up their rides at any one of the city's soon-to-be installed public charging points, provided they register and cough up an estimated £100 ($161 U.S. at the current exchange rate) in annual membership fees.

Here's some interesting info that's sure to make you wonder whether or not London actually needs 1,300 charging stations. At present, the city has 250-plus charging stations. Additionally, 16,729 electric cars and hybrids are registered in London. Of that number, approximately 2,100 are of the plug-in type. Finally, consider this: with 1,300 chargers installed, Londoners will have higher odds of stumbling across a charge point than a gas station. Interested in learning more about the Source London program? If so, simply click here and you'll be whisked away to the program's website.

[Source: London.gov.uk]

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      And the all-electric cars to buy to charge up at those machines should be the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
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        The iMiEV is a city car and London is a city so that some of the plugins will be iMiEV is a problem? Ultimately the market will decide who is buying what plugin vehicle. I think I'm OK with that, or is there a reason why government intervention should be directed in preference to one brand as a matter of public policy?
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      It's great to hear that London is moving forward with installing charging stations, but the number is a dramatic reduction from previous announcements:

      "[March 26, 2010] ...The Mayor is working to create the conditions for low carbon technologies which have future potential to flourish. Through a consortium of public and private partners led by Transport for London, he has secured £17 million for electric vehicle infrastructure in the capital. This will deliver a network of around 7500 charging points by spring 2013 with 1,600 charge points to be installed over the next 12 months."

      No doubt, more onus is placed on private investment by corporations to pick up the slack.
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