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During the Paris Motor Show, Volvo confirmed that the C30 battery electric concept was bound for production. The automaker's first wave of electric C30s are tooling around Sweden, but those are prototype units. The production version, slated for launch to the public in 2013, will undergo a refining process that will apparently lead to a finished product that Volvo chief executive officer Stefan Jacoby claims will "set the standard in the industry." Part of the refining process for the plug-in C30 involves selecting an electric drive supplier, and for that vital bit of hardware, Volvo has turned to the experts at Getrag.

Volvo's battery-powered C30 will be fitted with Getrag's 1eDT240 electric drive unit. The 1eDT240 is Getrag's top-of-the-line single-motor drive unit with maximum power output listed at 82 kW (110 horsepower) and torque at a healthy 162 pound-feet. When designing the 1eDT240, Getrag focused on noise-optimized gearing and efficiency. The system's maximum drive torque value of 1,770 lb-ft should provide the electric C30 with punchy acceleration. Additionally, the 1eDT240 can be equipped with an optional electric motor that cranks out 145 kW and the single-gear transmission can be ordered with one of three different ratios – 6.4; 8.0; and 10.2 – depending on performance and torque expectations. With the Getrag 1eDT240 unit selected, the Volvo C30 DRIVe Electric is one step closer to reaching production-ready status.

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GETRAG equips the Volvo C30 Drive Electric with powertrain unit

  • low scale production of test fleet will start next year
  • Partially integrated electric motor permits very compact design
  • Noise-optimized gearing and high efficiency
The GETRAG Corporate Group, the specialist for transmission and drive technology with its headquarter in Untergruppenbach, has secured a contract from Volvo Car Corporation to supply the electric drive unit 1eDT240 for the electric version of the Volvo C30.

Volvo Car Corporation is building up a small fleet of the vehicle in the course of this year. This test fleet serves for research purposes, aiming for a high environmental profile, and will use a leasing model to selected customers such as companies and governmental bodies. So far, the car is not available for end-customers.

Currently the highest-performance single-motor drive unit 1eDT240 in the group's product portfolio uses a permanently excited synchronous machine with a maximum output of 82 kW (at a nominal voltage of the electric energy storage device of 360 volt). The coaxial drive unit was specifically developed for the demanding requirements of virtually silent purely electric driving. It is characterized by the partial integration of the electric motor and therefore for its very compact design.

The development process placed particular emphasis on noise-optimized gearing and very high efficiency. The maximum drive torque of 2,400 Nm offers sufficient traction force to make even sporty acceleration possible. The 1eDT240 drive unit benefits from use of large-scale series production parts from the GETRAG modular system.

If required, the 1eDT240 can also be equipped with a higher-performance electric motor delivering up to 145 kW. It can be supplied in three different transmission ratios.

"The 1eDT240 drive unit can be fitted in a wide variety of electric and hybrid vehicles with front or rear-wheel drive thanks to its compact, versatile design. This unit can cover the entire range from city to sports car and even light truck applications", commented Alexander Strube, Chief Program Engineer for E-Drive at GETRAG.

GETRAG has been active in the field of electric drive systems since 1992 and has already received several series production orders and a large number of development contracts in this area. Several electric-drive test fleets e.g. of the BMW MINI, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL and the Necar Series, have already been equipped with GETRAG drive technology.


The GETRAG Corporate Group is one of the largest system suppliers for transmissions and powertrain systems worldwide with approximately 12,700 employees at 23 locations. The company is headquartered in Untergruppenbach, Germany. The Group develops and manufactures transmission and powertrain solutions for the automotive industry. The transmission portfolio comprises manual, automated manual and dual clutch transmissions. The powertrain portfolio contains axle differentials, power take-off units and torque management systems. GETRAG also offers a range of hybridization and electrification of transmissions and powertrains. In 2009, the Group reached a turnover of 2 billion Euros

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      For those familiar with torque values, the 1,770 lb-ft value is a misnomer. That's not what's available after the transmission or at the wheels. Nothing remotely consumer grade gets torque like that.

      So I'm guessing the 4 wheel hub motors are out the window. Not surprising, every concept says it'll have motors for each wheel right in the hub then backs out due to cost and vibration issues. I was hoping for AWD though.
      • 4 Years Ago
      yeah if getrag offered such as a 'crate engine' at a fair price (not repair parts 100% markup) then it might be a fairly popular item, both DIYers and small and big automakers. it's a nice easy fix if the specs are decent.
      • 4 Years Ago
      "When designing the 1eDT240, Getrag focused on noise-optimized gearing and efficiency."

      I am interested to buy, just the motor and gear box. My gear box is very loud, and my motor needs up grading in order to enter the drag races and humiliate gas cars out on the street.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I was excited when I seen Getrag was involved but then disappointed when I seen that its still only a single speed set-up. I have a hard time understanding why electric vehicles wouldnt benefit from more gears, I mean even the Tesla was slated to be a two-speed but lack of funding meant they couldnt spend the time to work out its quirks.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Volvo seems to get little press, considering that they will likely be the 3rd or 4th major automaker to offer modern-generation EVs to the public. (They are certainly on-track to beat BMW and VW/Audi to market.) The C30 is a good car in ICE form, its a bit heavy but overall I think it's a good candidate for adapting into an EV. I for one am looking forward to seeing the C30 EV.
        • 4 Years Ago
        It's heavy, expensive and surprisingly inefficient. But damn cool. I'll be glad to see it electrified though since they could fix the unattractive parts of the ICE version.
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