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It seems that not a day goes by when some city in China, or even the country as a whole, doesn't boast about its grand electric vehicle (EV) plans and last Friday was no exception. That's when Shenzhen vice-mayor, Tang Jie, speaking at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop, revealed the city's battery-powered dreams. Jie spoke of Shenzhen entering a "mature" development period and said that the city, after 30 years of rapid growth, is now ready for a low-carbon future:
The city is trying to become more low-carbon through expanding public transportation, constructing environment-friendly buildings, lowering investments in energy-consuming sectors, and encouraging residents to live and consume in a low-carbon way.
Jie explained that, on the automotive front, Shenzhen will have charging stations installed across the city and that they will lay the foundation for the adoption of battery-powered vehicles. The vice-mayor insists that the number of registered EVs citywide will hit – ready for this? – 35,000 within three years. We find this goal to be ambitious, but given that Shenzhen's population has soared to nearly nine million, we think it might be plausible. Isn't it?

[Source: China Daily]

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      Incentives? Shenzhen is offering an additional (up to) $9000USD subsidy to the purchase of an EV on top of the $9000USD Beijing subsidy. That means the cheapest Chery M1 can be bought for $4000USD there. http://chinabizgov.blogspot.com/2010/07/shenzhen-subsidies-us-china-acquisition.html

      Chargers? Shenzhen has been building a comprehensive charging infrastructure. See this from a year ago: http://english.people.com.cn/90001/90778/90860/6855124.html
      "China's largest electric charging stations for electric automobiles were put into service at the Universiade Center in Shenzhen's Longgang District December 28. The first batch of electric charging stations and poles in Shenzhen are composed of 2 charging stations and 134 charging poles ... " And as per the source of this article, they been building since.

      Yeah, that'll do it.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Once you've screwed up the atmosphere with coal burning for decades, the chinese, east block, & Soviet Union will probably be better carbon free constructors in their uphill battle to transform their atmosphere we all share back to it's natural God made state. A pre requisite for those who have sinned & need show forth fruits worthy of repentance to the God of Love who made it to last!

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      See issue guide on their homepage.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Yeah, they can do it. Just put lots of chargers out there and offer a good incentive.
      • 4 Years Ago
      35,000 out of 9 million, should be easy, very doable. Even if only 1% of the population buys a new car each year that would be 90,000 x 3 = 270,000 and all it would take is one in every 8 to be electric.
      • 4 Years Ago
      They should have more success than California at this rate.. ha!
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