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The plot thickens. Global Vehicles USA, the one-time and possible-still (pending litigation, of course) importer of Mahindra pickups has sent an email to those who have reserved a spot for one of the first 30,000 or so little diesel trucks in the United States. You'll find the text of the email here, but basically the importer still sounds hopeful that it will be putting the Indian machines into the hands of dealerships at some unknown point in the future.

Will it actually happen? Our Magic 8 Balls are a little fuzzy on this one, but suffice it to say that we're not holding our breath. Is it possible that the importer and the automaker have reconciled? Best we can tell, that seems unlikely, but who knows? In any case, Global Vehicles is now saying that parts shortages and high demand in India are the main culprits for future delays.

If you need a recap of what's gone down in the past several months that's keeping Mahindra's wares from driveways across the States, click here. And to would-be owners... good luck. Thanks to all who sent this in!

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[Source: Global Vehicles USA]