Mazda Miata Super20
Mazda MX-5 Miata Super20 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Both the UK and Europe got 20th anniversary edition Mazda MX-5s earlier this year, and we now have our own version... in concept form. Speaking to the same color and materials designer who gave us the skinny on the hip and evil Mazda2s, we were told that the brief with this one was to make the Miata a little tougher without going too hardcore. A hard top goes in the place of the canvas roof and the form is draped in dark gray speckled with gold metallic. The orange accents in the darker stripes are tuned to that metallic hue, and they are matched by the orange roll cage and orange contrast stitching inside. Other notable details are the suede inserts on the interior, the first-gen door handles, the reworked grille area sans Mazda's smiley face and a badge-less nose.

Under the hood is a reflashed ECU controlling a supercharged Cosworth motor, an ACT clutch, Mazdaspeed coilovers and shock tower brace, and Racing Beat hollow anti-roll bars. StopTech and SpeedSource throw in braking hardware behind 16-inch Enkei wheels on fat rubber. As for the chances of us anything like it in real life, you've heard this one before: "There are discussions..." Spy it yourself in the gallery of high-res photos below.

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Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20Mazda Miata Super20

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