Bill Caswell BMW E30 Baja Racer
Bill Caswell's Baja BMW E30 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Bill Caswell is furiously welding away on his BMW E30 WRC bruiser turned Baja beast. As you may recall, the man among men famously stitched together a bottom-dollar rally racer, campaigned alongside the who's who of the World Rally Championship in Mexico and managed to snag third in his class. Now he's set his sights on tackling the Baja 1000 with the same craft, albeit with a few modifications. Along with a completely new roll cage, the old E30 is getting some serious shocks courtesy of the suspension fiends at Bilstein along with a complete subframe to support beefier components down below.

Caswell is aiming to build out the majority of the project while here in Las Vegas, and we've been promised plenty of videos of the build later down the line. Stay tuned.

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