• Nov 1, 2010
2011 Chevrolet Camaro shown off in four new flavors for SEMA – Click above for high-res image gallery

SEMA 2010 officially kicks off tomorrow, but General Motors has revealed a slew of vehicles set to be unwrapped on the Vegas show floor. Just like last year, we expect to find a large number of modified Camaros, but Chevy is beating them all to the punch and previewing four in-house mod jobs ahead of the show.

Chevrolet has decided to appeal to a wide range of potential Camaro consumers. A V6 appearance package, a super-showy V8, a Synergy special edition Camaro and a concept track version have all been produced for the SEMA floor. Hop the jump to see what each one looks like, as well as what makes them special.

[Source: General Motors]

SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Camaro Red Flash
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2011 Chevrolet Camaro Red Flash Show Car

The Red Flash Camaro is, in essence, the opposite of a "sleeper." It's designed to show people that the Camaro is a sports car and it does it both visibly and audibly. The coupe wears a Red Jewel paint scheme with gray heritage stripes down the center, while the sound experience is kicked up a notch thanks to an air intake kit and an accessory exhaust kit.

SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Camaro SSX Track Car Concept
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2011 Chevrolet Camaro SSX Track Car Concept

The SSX Track Car Concept takes a standard production Camaro SS and turns it into a track-ready sports car. Carbon fiber panels and the removal of the radio, sound deadener and carpet drop the weight, while inside you'll find an SCCA-approved roll cage, racing harness and a fuel cell – everything you need to hit the track.

SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Camaro XM Accessory Package
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2011 Chevrolet Camaro XM/Accessory Appearance Package

Not every SEMA Camaro needs to have the LS3 V8 under the hood, and the XM/Accessory Appearance Package car opts for the direct-injection V6 unit in its place, with 312 horsepower returning 29 miles per gallon on the highway and a one-year subscription to XM Satellite Radio.

SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Series 2011
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Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Series 2011

Chevrolet has announced plans to release a special-edition Synergy Series Camaro each year, and after last year's Synergy Green Camaro, Chevy has toned things down for the 2011 model. The 2011 version features a mix of interior and exterior colors and accessories that are not available on standard Camaros and is slated to go into production in the first quarter of next year.

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The design of the all-new Chevrolet Camaro has been acclaimed by critics and celebrated by sports car buyers. With that appeal as a springboard, Chevrolet designers created the Red Flash Camaro SS Show Car to extend Camaro's look – and even its sound – to a new level.

Red Flash combines Chevrolet Accessory parts available today with some specially designed new concepts from the design studio, resulting in a unique new Camaro statement. Its Red Jewel exterior color is accented with gray heritage stripes and gray-accented 21-inch wheels. Under the hood, a Chevrolet Accessory air intake kit and, out back, the accessory exhaust kit, enhance the car's performance, style and sound.

"The Camaro Red Flash is the opposite of a 'sleeper' on the street," said Adam Barry, lead designer. "From every angle, it looks and sounds like the high-performance sports car it is. It's a model for the enthusiast who doesn't want to hide his performance aspirations."

It also wears Chevrolet Accessory body-color ground effects, high-wing rear spoiler with black-painted stanchions and other gray accents. A lowered suspension lends a more aggressive stance.

Inside, the Red Jewel features an Ebony leather-trimmed cabin with titanium stitching and red accents on the seats. There's also a custom steering wheel, racing-style pedals and red LED lighting for the door trim.


• Red Jewel color
• Heritage hood stripes in gray
• Chevrolet Accessory high-wing rear spoiler (body color with black stanchions)
• Chevrolet Accessory ground effects (body color)
• Chevrolet Accessory 21-inch wheels with gray inserts
• Camaro badges with chrome edges and gray inserts
• Body-color antenna
• Ebony leather with titanium stitching and red accents on the seats
• Prototype Chevrolet Accessory racing-style steering wheel with flat bottom
• Red LED lighting in door trim
• Red footwell and cupholder lighting
• Chevrolet Accessory racing pedal kit
• Chevrolet Accessory floor mats and cargo mat
• LS3 6.2L V-8 with Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission
• Chevrolet Accessory air intake and exhaust systems
• Chevrolet Accessory engine cover in Red Jewel
• Chevrolet Accessory Hurst shifter with custom stone-color stitching on the boot and shift knob


Ever since the new Chevrolet Camaro's launch last year, owners have explored the performance potential of the car. The Camaro SSX Track Car is a concept for transforming a street Camaro SS into a closed-course track car, and a showcase for new performance parts.

"The SSX concept explores taking Camaro's excellent street performance and extending it into a road course context," said Chris Perry, vice president, Chevrolet marketing. "The car expresses Camaro performance while also signaling Chevrolet's new commitment to developing and offering a portfolio of performance parts for racing enthusiasts."

The Camaro SSX Track Car has a purposeful aesthetic, with exterior appointments and suspension modifications aimed at road course performance. They include carbon fiber aero parts – front splitter and adjustable rear wing – lightweight carbon fiber body panels, revised lower grille and unique brake cooling ducts. The carbon body panels significantly lower the Camaro's weight, as does the elimination of much of the production car's sound-deadening material, carpeting and rear seat.

Low-gloss Icy White Metallic exterior paint is contrasted with the carbon aero parts, door graphics/racing number and red details; and this competition-ready Camaro rolls on dedicated track wheels and tires. This concept was constructed with input from Pratt and Miller, Chevrolet partner in Corvette Racing, and Riley Technologies using parts proven in the Grand Am racing series.

• Icy White Metallic color with red accents and door graphics
• Carbon fiber hood, fenders, door and deck lid
• Exposed carbon fiber front splitter, rockers and adjustable rear wing
• Unique lower grille and brake ducts
• Carpeting, sound deadener and rear seat deleted
• Ace suede-covered racing steering wheel and shifter
• SCCA-approved roll cage and window net
• Racing driver's seat with five-point harness
• Racing pedals
• Fire suppression system
• Fuel cell
• Video camera system mounted on the roll cage
• LS3 6.2L V-8 enhanced with Chevrolet Performance Parts' camshaft, cylinder heads and dry-sump oiling system
• Production six-speed manual transmission with Corvette ZR1 twin-disc clutch
• Low-restriction air induction and exhaust systems
• Four-wheel disc racing brake system with six-piston front/four-piston rear calipers and drilled and slotted rotors
• Modified production suspension with Pfadt licensed components
• 20-inch racing wheels and tires


The new Chevrolet Camaro is a major hit with consumers because of its blend of desirable power, efficiency and design. Another important part of the Camaro formula is value. Chevrolet developed the XM/Accessory Appearance Package to provide new accessory and appearance options customized for the popular and affordable Camaro 1LT model. A production version of this package will be offered in the spring of 2011.

"The XM Accessory Appearance Package is all about affordable style," said Russ Clark, director, Chevrolet product marketing. "Our intent was to create a special, customized model – including 21-inch wheels – that could be had for around $30,000, a popular price point for today's Camaro buyer before they add accessories."

The XM Accessory Appearance Package is based on the Camaro 1LT model with the standard 3.6L direct injection V-6 engine featuring 312 hp and EPA highway fuel economy of 29 miles per gallon. The accessory package includes a rear spoiler, unique grille and Chevrolet Accessory 21-inch wheels. When it goes into production in 2011, the package will include a one-year subscription to XM Satellite Radio.

The Camaro XM Accessory Appearance Package at 2010 SEMA displays both production and concept styling cues. The accompanying highlights chart identifies them.

• Imperial Blue color
• Rear spoiler (package content)
• Chevrolet Accessory grille (package content)
• Chevrolet Accessory 21-inch polished wheels (package content)
• Chevrolet Accessory Heritage body side graphics in silver (package content)
• Black cloth seats (production)
• Chevrolet Accessory interior trim kit in Silver Ice (concept)
• Chevrolet Accessory floor mats with gray borders and Camaro lettering (package content)
• 3.6L V-6 direct injection engine and available six-speed automatic transmission (production)
• V-6 cold air intake system (concept)


Chevrolet announced today that it will release a special-edition Camaro each year, called the Synergy Series, emphasizing new approaches to accessory parts and customization. At SEMA 2010, the Synergy Series 2011 show car debuts to showcase the car that will be offered to consumers in the first half of 2011 as a special-edition model.

The first Camaro Synergy model was the 2010 Synergy Green special-edition car. It proved so popular with consumers that Chevrolet is now making Synergy an annual series. The Camaro Synergy Series 2011 model contains a mix of exterior and interior accessories – including combinations not available on any other production model, including an exclusive gray interior with red accent stitching throughout. It is based on Camaro Chroma, a show car first exhibited at SEMA in 2009.

The Camaro Synergy Series 2011 model will begin production in the first quarter, in limited quantities.

"The Synergy Series reflects the strong response consumers have consistently had toward Camaro," said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing. "At the same time it provides an example of how Chevrolet is renewing its commitment to expanding accessory offerings."

While the original Synergy was offered only in a single color (Synergy Green) and with the six-cylinder engine, the 2011 edition will be offered in four colors – Cyber Gray, Victory Red, Summit White and Black – as well as 2SS (V-8) and 2LT (V-6) trims with the RS package.

The Camaro Synergy SEMA Show vehicle is based on a 2SS model and displays production and concept styling cues. The accompanying highlights chart identifies them.


• Cyber Gray color (production)
• Chevrolet Accessory grille and ground effects package (production)
• 21-inch painted wheel (silver finish, optional for production)
• Body-color antenna
• Gray interior with red stitching on the seat, steering wheel, door panels, console lid, shifter boot, shift knob and headrest (production)
• Red instrument cluster and accent lighting
• Chevrolet Accessory interior trim kit in Silver Ice
• Chevrolet Accessory floor mats with red border and silver Camaro lettering
• Footwell and cupholder lighting
• LS3 6.2L engine and six-speed manual transmission (with 2SS only)
• Chevrolet Accessory Hurst shifter with red stitching
• Chevrolet Accessory engine cover in red
• Brembo brake calipers in red (with 2SS only)
• Pedders lowering kit (licensed Camaro accessory, not included in production package)

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      Still looks ugly...
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        looks ugly?....said by a gtr fanboy. I don't think you have much room to talk.
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        You need to get out more. The STOCK wheel fitment for all of my cars, is at least 19". The only aftermarket wheels I've ever purchased are for an increase in wheel width, not wheel diameter. Definitely in most cars, the additional weight is not going to be worth it, but that's hardly a universal statement. To say that a car should NEVER have wheels larger than 20" in diameter is obviously hyperbolic, and definitely ignorant of the fact that there are already cars out there with larger rolling stock.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I have always been a devout Mustang fan, but DAMN these Camaros look fine! Including the Sema Vettes and the Silverado... Kudos to the Bowtie boys, really mean it!
        • 4 Years Ago
        Funny. I never particularly liked the Camaro. And I've looked down on the Mustang since I rode in one in '65. But now I own a 2010 SS. And I have to say I think the latest model Mustang is a fine looking car. I'm happy to see this competition heating up. And now that there are rumors (???) of the Challenger getting the Viper engine thing could get very interesting.
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      Nice... return of the red bowtie.
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      I like the way the XM version looks. Only with a solid color and a V8 instead :)
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        I really like the grille on the XM version.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Speaking of grilles the badge on the SSX is majorly cool.
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      BOSS 302 >SSX
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        Cool, remind me again where you can purchase the SSX?
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        BOSS 302R MSRP: $79,000
        FR500C MSRP: $125,000

        Even the 302R1 is only $4K more.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Boss 302 is not the SSX's main competitor. The FR500GT Mustang is about the closest you can get to spec racer/track car for the masses. The Boss 302 is meant for the road, both the Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

        Apples to oranges...
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        Boss 302R...
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      24s on ANY car is utterly stupid, although it does make it easy to point out people not worty associating with, it serves no purpose other than to scream " i have no class" trucks can get away with 22s if they are on 35 inch tires or larger but no car should ever have bigger than 20, and personally i wont go past 18
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      I really want to see a HO V6! Leno made one that gets 400 HP. I think a high output v6 with a good handling package could make for a really nice back road carver with good MPG to boot.
      • 4 Years Ago
      GM is going to build the Z28 and that will be that for performance Camaros.
      Sorry, but it's true.

      No performance oriented SEMA Camaro has trickled down to a production car.
      Remember the LS7 and Black Editions from last year? Yep, just teases.

      Recall that a vote was cast here and the majority favored the "Dusk" edition
      (in fairness that might not have been SEMA) with dark blue paint, saddle interior, mesh alloys and trick suspension. Instead GM built the Synergy with green paint and black stripes. Whoopty doo.
        • 4 Years Ago
        There's a pretty big chance (using "pretty" loosely) that the SSX will be built. It has competition and seems to meet ALMS GTC regulations.
        • 4 Years Ago

        It'd be awesome to see the Camaro SSX in ALMS GTC. The aerodynamics have to suck compared to the 911, but they could be competitive on the tighter courses. I'd still be great to see them on the grid, and being in ALMS would only help GM get rid of the haircut stereotype Camaro owners have. :)
      • 4 Years Ago
      Don't care for the massive wing on the white one, but the others are nice. That interior looks good, and it would be great to see the z28 sport the red bowtie.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Yeah that wing is hideous. A Camaro is supposed to be a muscle car, not an import tuner.
        • 4 Years Ago
        The SSX is meant to be a track version. I'm sure that big wing is not there to look pretty.
        • 4 Years Ago
        It's supposed to be a track car, that's a functional rear wing and not some crap ricer add on, would you call a GT racing car (not saying this is one) a import tuner?
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      They all look remarkably good but the white one is just so badass.
        • 4 Years Ago
        I want that white SSX!
      • 4 Years Ago
      dash pods still suck big time... designed by steve wonder I'm sure
      • 4 Years Ago
      24s on ANY car is utterly stupid. it serves no purpose other than to scream " i have no class" trucks can get away with 22s if they are on 35 inch tires or larger but no car should ever have bigger than 20, and personally i wont go past 18. although they do serve of purpose, they make it easy to point out the people you dont want to associate with,
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