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Bentley has managed to make a lot out of one model line. From the Continental has emerged coupe, convertible and sedan bodystyles, in standard, Speed and Supersports engine specs, with a smattering of special editions along the way. But that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what the Flying B marque has in store for the new model, according to reports from across The Pond.

What Bentley appears to have in its sights for the diversification of the freshly-unveiled new Continental is similar to what we've seen over at Porsche. The Stuttgart-based automaker rolls out different variants of the 911 on a regular basis, to the point that the current-generation model has over a dozen derivatives on the market. The addition of a new V8 model to slot in under the current W12 will have a multiplier effect on the Continental's catalog, but beyond that, Crewe is reportedly planning further special editions.

The aim of the broadening range would be, according to reports, to maintain interest in the Continental and help even out peaks and valleys in the company's sales charts. One way or another, we're looking at a future filled with machine-turned aluminum and quilted leather, and those are two things of which we can never get quite enough.

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[Source: Autocar]