Local Motors Rally Fighter
Local Motors Rally Fighter in action – Click above to watch video after the jump

Local Motors, the car builder behind the idea of open-source automotive development, showed off its Rally Fighter at SEMA last year. At that time, it only had one car built. Fast forward to the 2010 SEMA show and Local Motors is bringing five of the coupes to Las Vegas.

Each vehicle wears a skin designed by someone in the Local Motors online community. The first car is known as Beta 1, and wears images of Teddy Roosevelt and Pancho Villa on its sides. Beta 2, the company's second test vehicle, wears livery inspired by Rocky. It was built alongside the three customer-built models to explore the same build process they experience.

The first non-test vehicle was purchased by Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers, which is being used as a daily driver vehicle. Its color scheme was created by a community member who had only been active for 14 days when his vote was chosen. Rally Fighter number four is going to customer Jay Zuppardo, whose family enjoys off-roading and plans to turn the red, white, blue and orange-schemed Local Motors vehicle into a sand rail.

The fifth vehicle is going to the original sales person for Local Motors, John Domolky. His simple black and white paint scheme tones down the exterior style elements of the vehicle without losing its unique appearance. This is crucial for Domolky because he is the first customer to place the vehicle into an urban environment. Rather than commuting around Arizona like the CEO, John Domolky is going to drive his Rally Fighter around the streets of Boston.

Local Motors says it should double the number of Rally Fighters on the road to 10 by the years end. Take a look at the Rally Fighter in action in the video after the jump.

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[Source: Local Motors, YouTube]