1995 BMW M3 CSL Lightweight
1995 BMW M3 CLS Lightweight – Click above for high-res image gallery

We know we already ran an eBay Find of the Day, but since you couldn't actually drive that one, we thought it only fair to bring you another. File this one under "D" for "Don't see that every day." For a Buy It Now price of $49,000, you can lay your loving mitts on a genuine 1995 BMW M3 CSL Lightweight. According to the seller, the vehicle has never been raced or abused, and the photos make the factory-built racer look like a slice of cherry pie. There are a scant 36,619 miles on the clock, and the ad makes it clear that this particular example needs nothing but a driver behind the wheel. A driver with a flush bank account, that is.

If you're wondering why we've gone all drooling ape over this car, you should probably know that this is one of the rarer M3 models out there. The seller notes that there were just 100 of these particular racers imported to the States, each with weight-adding bits like the spare tire sent to the dumpster in an attempt to keep weight as low as possible. Reports vary as to exactly how many pounds BMW managed to shed from the standard car, but estimates say that the models hit the scales at around 200-300 lbs less than their regular counterparts. Throw in even stiff springs and a host of go-fast parts that were user-installable for a little extra track dominance and you've got the beast you see above.

Did we mention this sucker is street legal? Head over to eBay Motors for a closer look. Thanks for the tip, Sid!

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[Source: eBay Motors]