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Audi has been producing vehicles in the Chinese market since 1988. Fast-forward 22 years into the future and Audi has just sold its one millionth vehicle in China. If you're curious, that one millionth vehicle is a metallic blue Audi Q5.

Audi began its Chinese production with the Audi 100, which was assembled in China from imported knock-down kits. Since the initial agreement signed back in '88, the Changchun assembly plant began doling out Four-Ringed vehicles to an eager market. Of the one million vehicles, 950,000 were produced in Changchun while 50,000 were imported than assembled there. The factory moved on from the Audi 100 and later the Audi 200, and it now produces the altogether modern Q5, A6L and the A4L.

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[Translated from German Press Release]
Ingolstadt / Changchun, 20/10/2010

Audi sold a million in China
  • Audi chairman Stadler: "record is another milestone in the 22-year success story of Audi in China"
  • About 7,000 guests at the ceremony in Changchun
  • Significantly more than 200,000 deliveries to customers by end 2010

Today, in China the millionth Audi to a customer from Changchun been passed: a metallic blue Q5. The record is exemplary of a unique success story that began in 1988 with a license agreement between Audi and FAW to assemble the Audi 100. For millions it was an anniversary ceremony in Changchun with the Board of AUDI AG, the partners by the First Automobile Works (FAW) and more than 7,000 guests, including the employees at the plant.

"This record is another milestone in the history of Audi in China," said Rupert Stadler, Chairman of AUDI AG. ". We 22 years ago, the first premium brand in China and since then the undisputed market leader in this segment were - a success story to which we are very proud" of the 950 000 cars delivered to customers were produced in Changchun, imported 50,000. No other automotive manufacturer in the premium segment have managed to more than one million cars in the Chinese market to sell. In the first nine months of 2010, Audi sold 175,000 vehicles in China and Hong Kong, also a new record.
"For the full year, we will deliver well over 200,000 cars to Chinese customers," said Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter, managing director of Audi China. "And we already have our next sales target firmly in mind, within the next three years we hope to create the second million."

The story of the four rings in China began in 1988 with a license agreement between Audi and FAW for assembly of the Audi 100 from imported parts kits. This included a transfer of technology in production and planning, building a customer service organization and training of Chinese employees. Signed in 1995, Volkswagen and FAW signed a Letter of Intent, which includes the Audi production facility in the joint venture integrated. A year later, the Audi 200 began rolling off the assembly line, which was produced with 60 percent in China. In 2000, Audi and FAW-VW introduced the first Audi A6 on the market - in a long version, as do the Chinese customers chauffeured limousines, which provide extra space in the rear. Mid-2005 was followed by the next generation of the A6L, the beginning of 2009, the first long-wheelbase in the premium B segment in China, the A4L.

"We now look to a successful and friendly partnership with AUDI AG, and hope this may continue to expand," said An Tiecheng, president of FAW-Volkswagen. The First Automobile Works was founded in 1953 and is in China, the automotive group with the longest tradition.

Today, the Audi A6L produced in Changchun, the A4L and since 2009 the Q5 for the Chinese market. Last year the company increased with a new assembly building its production capacity to 300,000 vehicles. The dealer network of 157 dealers in 106 cities will be expanded by 2013 to more than 400 companies.

The success of the brand among the Chinese customers also confirmed by recent studies by market research firm JD Power: No other premium manufacturer persuaded the Chinese customers, according to "Customer Service Index (CSI) with its range of services like the AUDI AG. Also in the Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI), the Chinese chose Audi new vehicle sales in the first place.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      Made in China = CRAP.
        • 4 Years Ago
        the quality of a product is only dependent on the design of the product and management of the factory, not where the factory is located
      • 4 Years Ago
      Here's your Audi...made in China.
        • 4 Years Ago
        "Of the one million vehicles, 950,000 were produced in Changchun while 50,000 were imported THEN assembled there."

        Come on autoblog - For all of the grammar mistakes and typos I have seen on here reading about 80% of the articles over the past 3 years, I have never seen one this low.

        Than: used for comparison: "I have better grammar THAN you"
        Then: used for time: "[...] 50,000 (vehicles) were imported THEN assembled there."
        • 4 Years Ago
        Actually, Simple, I'm pretty darned sure my Audi was built in Ingolstadt. As the one before it. And...er...the one before that.

        (It makes sense that they're building cars in China for the Chinese market, to reduce transportation costs, currency risk, and production costs, to allow the car to be sold at a lesser price in China than in, say, the UK.) VW's doing the same with cars for the US market, right down to building a different product to suit the market. (Whether the NMS will really be "better" for us Yanks is debatable, but not here & now, pls.)
        • 4 Years Ago
        Well, 90% of EVERYTHING is now made there. China is the worlds factory...
        • 4 Years Ago
        @ Sheepsizes:
        While I don't know why you replied to this comment(though I suspect it's to make it such that your comment is on the first page), I think you are misreading what they wrote.

        I agree there is still an error, but not the one you are pointing out.

        I think it should have read, "Of the one million vehicles, 950,000 were produced in Changchun while 50,000 were imported RATHER than assembled there."

        The 50,000 were imported, not built in China. The press release also seems to confirm this.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Three questions: 1 - who is Audi's Chinese partner; 2 - where are the other workers/cars; and 3 - who/whatwhere is DURR? There is one worker and one car on that "assembly line."
        • 4 Years Ago
        1. FTFPR: The Chinese partner is FAW.

        2: You ever walked through a modern assembly plant (or one at all)? There isn't 50 million people toiling away. Most of it is robotics at this point.

        3. From Google: Durr is a German heaving machinery corporation. They make assembly lines. Apparently they have made this one.

        Reading/Research... does a mind good...
      • 4 Years Ago
      They might be made in China but all the machines and equipment are Durr(German) as you can see with a lot or most of it controlled and moved by SEW(German)...
      • 4 Years Ago
      Well seeing as most German cars are starting to be built for the Asia market Im not surprised..

      Im willing to bet that sales for audis skyrocketed since 04ish(?)
      • 4 Years Ago
      I have ridden in a Audi A4L in china, there's definately a bit more leg room than my friend's Audi A4L. I think you don't see it in America probably because Audi is seen as a performance car rather than a luxury car.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Well it's a decent marriage though. Chinese goods are usually associated as being crappy, and Audi is associated as being unreliable. So it's a good marriage...
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