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The 2006 Toyota Avalon is one of several models current... The 2006 Toyota Avalon is one of several models currently under recall by the Japanese automaker (Toyota).

TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota is recalling 1.53 million Lexus, Avalon and other models, mostly in the U.S. and Japan, for brake fluid and fuel pump problems, the latest in a string of quality problems for the world's No. 1 automaker.

Toyota Motor Corp. said Thursday it will call back for repairs about 740,000 cars in the U.S. and 599,000 in Japan. The remainder are in Europe and other markets around the world.

Over the past year, Toyota has recalled more than 10 million cars and trucks worldwide for a variety of problems, from faulty gas pedals and floor mats that can trap accelerators, to braking problems in its Prius hybrid. In August, Toyota called back 1.33 million Corolla sedans and Matrix hatchbacks in the U.S. and Canada because their engines may stall.

The majority of vehicles this time around need to be fixed for a problem with the brake master cylinder, which could lead to weaker braking power, said spokesman Paul Nolasco in Tokyo.

Some models in Japan and elsewhere -- but not in North America -- have an electrical problem with the fuel pump, which could lead the engine to stall, Nolasco said.

No accidents have been reported from the two defects, he said.

Ryuichi Saito, auto analyst with Mizuho Investors Securities in Tokyo, said Toyota may have learned a lesson from earlier this year when it faced harsh criticism, particularly in the U.S., for dragging its feet on safety problems and recalls. American regulators hit Toyota with a $16.4 million fine for failing to promptly tell the government about its car defects.

"Toyota's image suffered because it was slow and so it is trying to be quick with its response," Saito said.

The automaker has been working to overhaul its quality controls and respond more aggressively to customer complaints in the fallout from its recall crisis.

The models affected by the latest recall in the U.S. include the 2005 and 2006 Avalon, 2004 through 2006 non-hybrid Highlander and Lexus RX330, and 2006 Lexus GS300, IS250, and IS350 vehicles, the company said in a release from its U.S. headquarters in Torrance, California.

The release said a small amount of the brake fluid could slowly leak from the brake master cylinder, resulting in illumination of the brake warning lamp.

Toyota will notify owners around the world by mail to come for repairs at no charge, Nolasco said.

The models affected in Japan include the Crown, Crown Majesta, Harrier, Mark X, Alphard, Kluger, Lexus GS350, Lexus IS250, and Lexus IS350. The production date of the models ranges from May 2002 to November 2005.

Two models in Japan -- the Lexus GS350 and the Crown -- are affected by both problems.

In Japan, Toyota's image has taken less of a beating. And despite the safety woes, the Prius has been Japan's top-selling model this year.

From January through August, Toyota sold 5.6 million vehicles globally, up 13 percent from a year earlier.

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      Ted E.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Does ANYONE argue for fair trade. Japan limits TOTAL import to no more than 2% of 8 million GNP of cars. Aprox 40,000 cars from America are allowed in. Some of these are Hondas etc because they are larger than domestic autos. The 4th qtr of 2008, The Bush dept signed on with Chinas to imports cars. $200 for Chinas cars imported to the USA, but $2,000 for American cars exported to China. Korea allows 3,500 american imports. Big O did get the usa a new trade policy, 25,000 autos per mfg. will now be allowed. There is a 8% terriff and a tax aduit. (findings by the WTO) Who has a business plan to stay in business under this operation. Your competitors can sell in your territory, but you are limited on how to sell your product. Let the best car win, but Korea and Japan had there free ride. Toyota hired 8,000 workers back after the cash for clunkers; in Japan. They did shut down the American plants though. I have heard that MY car is built in the USA. Yes, so is GM, Ford. Americans only buy so many cars a year. Japan is 8 million, USA 12 million. Its where the money goes to. The shareholders, R&D, Improvements for the factory, etc. When a unfair trade is done, you displace a job/product from here. Hyundai built there first USA plant with 300-500 Korean suppliers to supply this auto factory. It is not only the factory but the suppliers also. I have heard that America can not build a reliable auto. Suzuki for 2009 was the lease recommended used auto. Hyundai was noted that NONE of there autos can be recommended. This was by Consumers report. These are the owners who wont look at American poducts. I am just saying that America needs a level field.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Lets all get bent out of shape again. I've owned Toyotas for 25 years-- never had a problem-- own one of the recalled-- not worried about it - Government Motors out to destroy Toyota-- OK whatever-- I would buy American but still hear horror stories---
      • 5 Months Ago
      ford and gmc will not do anything till the goverment comes down on them. toyota acted with out that push .nasa did the 3rd party and found nothing .. for the us gov/ to bail out most makers from bad mangment and poor products build outside the us where toyota give job inside the us .the productoin of toyota in the us make them made in the usa !!!!
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      Wow! Two days ago the people that are drinking the Republican Koolaid were doing the government motors socialist Blah blah blah about a story about 2600 chryslers being recalled. Now that Toyota is having the recall dujour I hear nothing but crickets. Where are these so-called patriots? This has got to be Obamas fault. Everything else is.
      • 5 Months Ago
      toyota and honda got their reputations from the most biased magazine you can buy...... consumer reports...............
      • 5 Months Ago
      Hey Kinjin5. The government brought charges against Toyota because they tried to hide the unintended acceleration and let it happen. The Japaneese and the Grman governmaents both bailed out their car companies. You can't be that simple
      • 5 Months Ago
      Toyota's suck!!!!! They look like angry appliances!!! And they are not even made well!!! Ford all the way!!!!