1993 Lincoln Town Car Apocalimo
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It really is only a matter of time before our society dissolves into nothing more than the hollowed out shell of its former self populated by roving bands of blood-thirsty cubicle drones. We've seen the Mad Max saga, studied Water World and meditated on The Postman. We know exactly how this shindig ends, we just don't know when it'll happen.

Which is exactly why you need this beauty of modern engineering. You see, while there are plenty of vehicles suited for roaming the wastes, few can roll through burnt out city centers with the kind of sophistication and comfort as this modified 1993 Lincoln Town Car Limousine. With a mere 117,000 miles on what we're assured is a meticulously maintained drivetrain, the apocalimo offers everything you need to spar with bandits in style.

Judging from the eBay listing, the seller is more than motivated to find this machine a new home thanks to neighbors that just can't understand the value of being prepared. The current bid is just a wide hair over $3,000 with the reserve not met and a day left on the auction.

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[Source: eBay Motors]