2011 Chevrolt Volt
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General Motors has been advertising its "extended-range electric vehicle" since 2007, but does anyone remember the first video commercial for the Chevrolet Volt? It first aired back in late 2007 and featured a dog licking a person's foot. The gist? You care about the environment and save water on showers by having Fido lick your feet; Chevy cares about the environment and so it's working on the Volt (watch the 30-second spot here).

In the very near future – i.e., during the World Series – GM will begin airing a series of new commercials using the Volt's just-revealed new tagline: "More Car Than Electric." We got a sneak preview of these commercials during a Volt media event last week (and promised we wouldn't reveal anything about the visuals or the voiceovers) but thought that the slogan might generate some discussion.

Is it convincing? Does it do what it needs to do? We'll soon get an idea of how the general public reacts, but what's your first take?

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