• Oct 13th 2010 at 3:33PM
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Autoweek reports that BMW wants to add yet another small SUV to its lineup. Called the X4, the vehicle is rumored to take more than a few cues from the big-daddy X6 in both design and driving characteristics. The report says that early concept drawings show the vehicle as having the same upright nose and long, arching roof line as the biggest X as well as a very similar angled rear hatch.
Of course, nothing's set in stone at this point, so the X4's appearance could change considerably by the time it hits the scene in 2014. There is some speculation that the vehicle will be manufactured at the company's Spartanburg, South Carolina facility, which would makes sense considering America's seemingly boundless thirst for high-riding hatches.

[Source: Autoweek]

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      • 4 Years Ago
      Here's an idea... Make a nice little wagon in the 3-series line, offer the same options as the other models, even the M-Sport Package and xDrive, and then keep it a secret! Run countless 3-series ads specifically mentioning the sedan, coupe and convertible, but never show nor mention the wagon! Your sales results will prove that wagons aren't popular, and then you can engineer and introduce five or six misshapen, less practical, less fun, heavier hatchback things and watch the fun begin!

      Oh, wait... plaster "Efficient Dynamics" stickers on them, too... even the ones that get 16 mpg.

      Then come back in five years and wonder why people say BMW lost its way.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Give me an X8 and call it a day. Huge powerful 2 door eff-off SUV... but only build them for a couple of years.
      • 4 Years Ago
      That's his business what he does with money. In sports car you can't e.g. drive your wife and kids to shop. If you are perceiving cars as only kind of transport go buy a Smart.
      And Clarkson with his last anti-SUV campaign and CO2' lectures sounds just piteously-the guy who burned up (only for fun) tons of petrol and rubber on the track talks about fake ecology... That's a pure hypocrisy...
      • 4 Years Ago
      God, I can see why people pay 2 to 3 times as much for a Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc so you don't have to deal with having a car from a diluted luxury brand.
      Bad enough Porsche went the path of the Cayenne and Panamera.
      This is just terrible.
      • 4 Years Ago
      BMW really screwed themselves over with the number situation. It's supposed to be logical.

      Old numbers = sedan/wagons/hatchbacks/misc saloons
      Even numbers = coupes/convertibles
      X = SAV/Crossover
      M = Performance
      Z = roadsters

      (M Prefix) (Series Class+Number)(Engine+Variant IDs) (Special Edition)

      If BMW wasn't so concerned "tradition" and were more "German" (re: as in orderly), they would:

      (1) Rename the 3-series coupe and convertible the 4-series. Just like the 6-series is a coupe counterpart to the 5-series. You started righting wrongs by renaming Z3, the Z4.

      (2) Rename the entire 1-series, the 2-series. This way you don't have resort to naming your new mini-cars. It will also let you call the upcoming 1M the M 2 without gripe. Also, redesign the hatchback to be more of a sportback like the BMW 5-series GT and make it a 3-series GT. It'll be a shorter version of the 3-series minus a trunk. This will also allow the 0-series hatchback to stand on its own, give the 3-series something it is missing and make the model more practical. Imagine a BMW hatchback between the size of a Fiesta an a Focus hatchback.

      (4) Space out the M from the number. For instance, the M3 would be the "M 3." This simple syntax change would allow the X5 M to be renamed the M X5. It would treat X as an integral part of the number series and M as not an integral part of a number series. Rebranding the M3 the "M 3" clearly designates that this this is an M model of the 3-series. This will also fix the whole M Roadster naming problem, which treated M as a series class.

      (5) Use uniform model/engine classification conventions. For instance, the X5 xDrive35i Sport Activity would be the X535i xDrive Sport Activity, the ActiveHybrid 750Li would be the 750Li ActiveHybrid, the Z4 sDrive35i would be the Z435i sDrive. (Current cars that already use this convention properly include the 535i xDrive Gran Turismo and 328i xDrive Sports Wagon).
      • 4 Years Ago
      I say go for the X7 or X9 next. I've always wanted a BMW SUV the size of an Escalade ESV...Oh make it an M too, just for kicks.

        • 4 Years Ago
        I saw an M version of X5 on the road once. It boggled my mind. It was like some rich guy didn't know what to spend his money on, and his wife didn't let him get a sports car.

        Yeah, that's what I think of when I see such vehicles. As Jeremy Clarkson put it, you spend extra money to get an off-road vehicle (that is not really off-road) and then you spend extra-extra money to make it fast and nible on the road. Just weird.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Can they really top the X6? They've got their work cut out for them.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Fail, BMW. Fail.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I'm pretty sure they are trying replicate all of AMC's failed designs. New BMW 0 series based on the AMC Gremlin is next!
      • 4 Years Ago
      So where's the BMW pickup truck? The minivan?

      • 4 Years Ago
      I was just commenting to a friend the other day that BMW was lacking some SUV models. This is most welcome news.

      • 3 Years Ago
      I've had 3 e46's (01 325, 03 M3 and 06 330ci zhp) and am looking to stay within the BMW family, but transition to an SAV. X5's and 6's are a bit too big and way out of my price range. Test drove the new X3 and it was very impressive. Much better than the 04 X3 my mom had for a couple years. I thought if only BMW made an X6 version of the X3, I'd be sold.... It will be interesting to track the development of the X4. Hopefully with more engine choices. I'd love a diesel/manual transmission combo here in the states
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