• Oct 11, 2010

WASHINGTON — Mercedes-Benz is recalling about 85,000 of its 2010 and 2011 cars because of potential steering problems.

The luxury automaker says in a report to federal regulators that the steering systems in the cars "may fail due to the loss of power steering fluid."

Mercedes-Benz says that if that happens, drivers "may not have sufficient control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash."

The recall affects the 2010 Mercedes C-Class and the 2010 and 2011 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet models.

Owners may return the cars to dealers, who will check the powering steering systems for free, the company says.

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      • 8 Days Ago
      Having owned tons of Mercedes, and having eight, at the moment, I can tell you that hype, doesn't get you down the road; especially, when three of them have jammed up ignition locks, due to the square tipped keys. I just gave one Mercedes away for the $600 cost to take the dash apart, sawzall the lock apart, and, replace it with a new one; modified, with the earlier, less troublesome key style. Why keep buying them? They're cheaper than Yugos, because Mercedes believes their own hype, and charges tons to repair them, so, saner people dump them, as Mercedes has no loyalty to their customers. And, we just took half the car apart, between the rear of the hood and the windshield, to repair the windshield wiper; tons of labor; one blade; jumping up and down, to do the whole windshield; so clever, except, that one nut, was not locktite-ed on, and fell off; all that labor, just to correct an MBZ, error. And, the Coup de Gras, ripoff... "Der Grosser Mercedes;" the "Pullman" model, with black curtains, and, tons of snob appeal... probably, how the word Grosser got started, with the new UGH meaning: I called Mercedes, North America, to complain that my car; [$5,000 more than a Rolls Royce, in 1965], had dropped its steering box, out of the car, and since the three long bolts that held it to the unibody frame, had snapped, the box was hanging by the steering arm, only, and I barely had room to stop; with, no steering control, at all. The asinine response : "Obviously, sir, you do not have an owners' manual, or, you'd know that you must torque the three bolts, that hold the steering bolts to the chassis, [just sheet metal, unibody]...every ten thousand miles." I said, and if, I never read the owners' manual; I doubt that a Corvair would require dealing with such a design flaw... and, I waited for him to tell me to go get a Corvair... but, he missed the clue... Then, I went to the MBZ dealer/ Smythe European, and asked for the cost of an engine, shortblock, after fixing the steering, and, welding the fatigued tubes that went through each of the three bolt holes, and, the cost was $4,001.10 so I said: what's the $1.10 cents for; "part of the price"... So, I said, how about a remanufacturedengine, exchange? The answer, "We don't rebuild them; they don't hold up..." I said no point in buying a new one, since they don't hold up, or this one wouldn't be ******* oil, by the gallon; five quarts, from San Jose to Vallejo, and back, with constant vigil, lest it, would blow up... I bought a 300SEL 6.3 wreck, from an Oakland Hills Dentist, and had that engine put in Der Gross Grosser Messerschmidt, and, sold it... Tons of money, spent to validate, tons of money spent, to buy arrogance on wheels... I drive a 94 model, which clunks, fore and aft; backing or driving forward, and applying the brakes; seems like another parts car, given the cost to rebuild the defective bushings, or, whatever...and the light display warnings; can't believe that it doesn't play: "My heart Cries for you," when the radio, which flawfully works, is, turned on... but, you can't beat the arrogance, of those guys, who build them, with such Kamikaze prognoses, in mind... just look at Lady Di's scrap heap fiasco, even in the back seat... They should spank their engineers, and, make their design arrogance, punitive, so they clean up their act. And now, after building 100 million cars, they've just discovered that power steering, Mercedes cars, are subject to steering failure, if a power steering hose leaks. DUH, and, also, if, the fan belt breaks, or the engine shuts off, or, if you're drunk, or if they are... Jeez... "Humility," should be their name change... Next thing you know, they'll have electric, rack and pinion solenoid steering; just begging for a blown fuse... Edgrrr... Stalag Skew, Ahnolds' Gulag, Schizofornia....
      • 8 Days Ago
      I am a mercedes-benz technician. I have also worked for Ford and Jaguar and worked on countless other brands on the side. There is no comparison to the materials used in a Mercedes. I can take parts out of a Benz with 100000 miles like it just rolled off the assembly line. No rust. Nothing beats German steel. Jaguars look like they were built in the ocean. They are rusty from the day they leave the factory. My american Dodge pick-up has a hundred thousand and there is so much rust under it I can hardly work on it without breaking things. In 6 years at Mercedes Ive never needed to use a torch to remove parts. At American dealerships the torch is the most important tool. Replacing a leaky power steering seal on a benz is minor compared to having your gas pedal stick to the floor on your lexus or having the ignition switch catch on fire in your ford or having your front subframe fall out from rust. Manufacturer Recalls Scoreboard for Model Cars 1990-2011 www.Recalls.gov Qty Car Manufacturer 220 Acura Recalls 8 Alfa Romeo Recalls 41 Aston Martin Recalls 263 Audi Recalls 208 Bentley Recalls 791 BMW Recalls 296 Buick Recalls 247 Cadillac Recalls 1,584 Chevrolet Recalls 512 Chrysler Recalls 60 Daewoo Recalls 9 Daihatsu Recalls 1,255 Dodge Recalls 71 Eagle Recalls 118 Ferrari Recalls 2,278 Ford Recalls 867 GMC Recalls 701 Honda Recalls 35 Hummer Recalls 244 Hyundai Recalls 145 Infiniti Recalls 135 Isuzu Recalls 146 Jaguar Recalls 478 Jeep Recalls 101 Kia Recalls 13 Lamborghini Recalls 137 Land Rover Recalls 163 Lexus Recalls 169 Lincoln Recalls 315 Mazda Recalls 256 Mercedes-Benz Recalls 339 Mercury Recalls 23 MINI Recalls 427 Mitsubishi Recalls 603 Nissan Recalls 286 Oldsmobile Recalls 10 Peugeot Recalls 296 Plymouth Recalls 424 Pontiac Recalls 136 Porsche Recalls - Rolls Royce Recalls 92 Saab Recalls 200 Saturn Recalls 191 Subaru Recalls 113 Suzuki Recalls 816 Toyota Recalls 372 Volkswagen Recalls
      • 8 Days Ago
      I am an owner of a MB C Class. When do they plan to send us a letter informing us of this recall? I am normally very happy with MB this is the second one that I have owned. I am very disappointed to be hearing about this online instead of from them. When I purchased this car in April, I was considering a Lexus, but got turned off by all of the recalls. Go figure....
      • 8 Days Ago
      Without a doubt the finest automobiles made. I have been an owner of several different MBs and never had one single mechanical problem in 16 years. Perhaps keeping up with MB scheduled maintenance and not driving like an insane person has made the difference. Please remember that virtually every single safety innovation for the past 50 years or so has come from the engineers at Mercedes-Benz and passed along to the likes of Volvo, BMW etc..
      • 8 Days Ago
      Mercedes should recall the year of my car, 2005! It is a lemon!!!
      • 8 Days Ago
      I drive a 2006 Mercedes C-280, and I've never had any problems with ******** the best car I've ever had. Every car maker is going to have a recall or two sometime. The new C-class isn't actually over priced, sdchargerfan14. High 30,000 to low 40,000 I believe. Slightly higher than a new Hyundai Santa Fe. The reason I was put into a Mercedes is because of the safety (plus we got an incredible deal). Have you ever seen how much safety reinforcements they build in those? My uncle works as an attorney for air bag companies. He told my dad that by putting me in this car (as my graduation present), even if I have a head-on collision, or am hit from the driver's side, I have the best chance of being able to walk away from it, statics show their saftey is that good. If you get the extended warranty (which I highly suggest investing in if your purchasing a pre-owned mercedes like we did), then you will be saving money when things need to be fixed/replaced (which is rare if you actually take care of your car). Plus, you get sometimes find really great deals on a pre-owned Mercedes, such as we did. Do you're research before you say shelling out the cash for a Mercedes isn't worth it.
      • 8 Days Ago
      I have a 300E 1989 Mercedes, which I inherited and the reason I still have it is because I am not able to afford buying a new car right now. I have had more problems with this piece of s--. Car stops for no reason while driving, this happens quite often, some sort of computer problem the dealer tells me. The clip which operates the gas pedal broke, leaving me in the middle of the street without power. My friend sold her car a long time ago, as she got stuck every time she went over a hump of some sort. My car has been so often on the tow truck, that it is almost comincal. Mercedes repairs as well as all European car repairs are estronimically expensive. My husband had a 1990 Ford Explorer, the repairs on that car where routinge check ups and oil changes, basically nothing. He had the car reading 210000 miles, loved it, best handling, totally reliable, an all around great vehicle. European cars are not dependable, expensive to operate, need more repairs and maintenance and are nothing but a pain in the a--. Americans should get in the habit of buying American cars, there are quite a few excellent models available. My next car, if I can ever afford one, certainly will be American all the way.
      • 8 Days Ago
      SD, not to be mean. But I only drive Mercedes and BMW I grew up with them. I have never had a problem or a serious issue. I just traded in my 99E320 for a bmw convertible. I never had anything major go wrong with that E Class. I also own a 2005 ML350 once again a wonderful car no problems. I have bought a couple american cars when I needed a truck or suburban. Horrible quality and the uglist cars I have ever seen. I will never own a toyota or a nissan but I have to admit the Suburu line is looking good. So until you have owned a BMW or Mercedes put your comments in check. I did own a Range Rover once it was horrible. Oh and just to mention. The kids in my family were driving our parents old mercedes for many years. I still see 1978 300D on the road with a 1/2 million miles. As for BMW I am thinking about buying my niece a 95 3 series reliability was great. Do your home work. The only good Chevy engine was the 350 V* the only good Ford engine was the 5.0 302. So go buy a german car and try it. Your trade in will be worth a great deal more than an american car.
      • 8 Days Ago
      I Spend $95,000 for a Brand new 2003 S500 With Sport Upgrades Fully Loaded with 23,000 miles on it went to trade it in for a newer one and they wanted to give me $26,000 i thought these cars didn't loose that much value this car still looked new i even had radar put in it What a BAD MISTAKE I DID I WOULD NENER BUY MERCEDES AGAIN! WHATS ALL THE HYPE ABOUT "GO AMERICAN" YOU DONT SPEND MUCH! YOU DONT LOOSE MUCH! SAME QUALITY
      • 8 Days Ago
      I purchased a new Cadillac Escalade after driving a BMW 550 for 2 years and have discovered such a difference in craftsmanship and service. Because of the Cadillac Escalade "new" body style my wife wanted to change up to a suv for better height vision on the road and luggage/storage availability. I had the opportunity to drive her vehicle and quickly realized how disappointing this vehicle is from the noise levels beyond what I was accustomed to in the BMW and the cheap plastic pparts laced on every area of this vehicle. I do not drive her Cadillac Escalade very often so my blood pressure is only elevated once or twice a month but after looking at the dollar amount I paid for this oversized Yugo I find myself vowing to never, never buy an American vehicle again. I will only buy European vehicles from this day forward and never again to be forced to take the devaluation of my hard earned dollar. May GM burn in hell and and fall in ruins.
      • 8 Days Ago
      Will Mercedes Benz send out letters to the owners ?
      • 8 Days Ago
      Just freaking great! I finally got what I thought was the best damned car I have ever owned, and now it gets recalled? Too bad; it felt and drove soooo much better than the Caddy CTS and Lincoln MKZ and I was not even considering a Big Money Worries or any Asian makes. Overall, the car has been perfect for the first 12K miles, which is far more than I can say for the Jaguar, Jetta, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, Ford, or Toyota I have owned in the last several years. Hopefully, the rest of the ownership experience is OK. I see so many of these new C300's around so they must be selling a crapload of them. If Mercedes knows what is good for their future, they will take care of all of us first time buyers so we will have a good reason to come back. I don't care how good the Hyundai Genesis is, they will never have the cache of a Mercedes.
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