The Audi Spectacle
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Audi is always up for some unique marketing opportunities. For a new campaign called "The Audi Spectacle" it might be going way up. A campaign presented by the Access ad agency has Audi reinventing the concept of the billboard, with its famous four rings taking over some of the worlds most iconic landmarks.

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, Tower Bridge in London and the Rialto Bridge in Venice have been presented as potential candidates for the advertising treatment. The life-size installations could be beautiful, but would attaching advertising to global treasures be going too far to spread a brand's message?

If you think that's the case, don't get too worked up just yet. The campaign is just a concept at this point, and the potential backlash could kill the idea before it... ummm... gets off the ground.

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The Audi SpectacleThe Audi SpectacleThe Audi SpectacleThe Audi SpectacleThe Audi Spectacle

[Source: Access Agency via Co.Design]