Jeep J8 Ballistic Tests
Jeep J8 undergoes ballistic tests – Click above for high-res image gallery

In its ongoing quest to return the Jeep name to its military roots, Chrysler has just put the J8 through ballistic and blast certification. The company says that its using a new manufacturing technique by hot-forming steel to create a protective shell for the vehicle. Sounds fancy, and evidently it's tough enough to take the kind of abuse necessary to be awarded BRV 2009 VR7 ballistic protection certification. What does all that mean? No matter what your daily commute throws at you, chances are this beefed-up Wrangler will get you to work in one piece.

The J8 is currently being marketed to military, government and private security operations that require the kind of vehicle that can drive through a hail of small-arms fire without getting perforated. There are also a number other configurations available – everything from well-armed patrol vehicles to troop and cargo transports.

We wouldn't mind having one of each to play around with for a weekend... how about you? Thanks for the tip, Joe!

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[Source: Jeep Facebook]