1969 Jeep XJ001
1969 Jeep XJ001 Prototype – Click above for image gallery

We spend more than a few moments of our day on the "what ifs" of the automotive world. What if Jaguar decided to get back into the supercar game? What if Ford made a Bronco with Raptor underpinnings? What if Jeep finally decided to build another pickup? Even so, we've never wondered what a sports car built by the off-road kings at Jeep would look like. Fortunately, we don't have to. In 1969, Jeep got it in its mind to build a vehicle with the road manners of your average car, the off-road prowess of its rugged CJ line and a meaty V8 up front.

The result was the XJ001 Prototype. With a unique fiberglass body and a windshield-frame that doubled as a roll-bar, the design wasn't exactly the most attractive creation on four wheels. But the concept packed a 360 cubic-inch V8 behind its headlights and the beginnings of a Quadratrac all-wheel drive system down below, making it an unholy terror on or off road. The ridiculously optimistic nature of the beast has us entirely smitten, but unfortunately, the XJ001 is nowhere to be found today. The truck/car hybrid met its end during a shipping accident where it burnt to the ground.

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[Source: Off Road Action]