• Sep 13th 2010 at 9:00AM
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All too often the latest technology comes at a hefty price, but the natural gas Honda Civic GX offers consumers an alternative to petrol-powered rides without the premium. It's certainly not as head turning as a Tesla Roadster or as feature-rich as the forthcoming Chevrolet Volt, but it is a near zero-emission vehicle and, best of all, it's available today. Check it out as Bradley takes the GX for a spin to a local CNG station for a fill up.

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      Look at the other vehicles leaving the gas station. Most were larger commercial where fast performamce and boot space are not an issue. Interstate trucks, buses, border patrol and even limos would be a good market. Even some trains run with gas turbines. Small city town cars and even the Civic are not the market for this fuel. If the vehicle does not need boot space or has plenty space to spare, does not need fast acceleration or lots of mid-high torque then gas is viable option. Its easier to transport over pipes than oil and the US has it in abundance. Its not just for cooking with..
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      i thought natural gas was a good alternative fuel but lately i've read some very negative things about the natural gas industry. at least it is mostly domestic. like electric hybrids, who will make the infrastructure move? unfortunately, big oil when they think they are ready...
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        we are building cng hot rods now! go to ( hot rod time ) click on the gasser project; it will answer a lot of your questions the process known as gtl is being used for high compression engines in a lot of countries now, but we are held back here in this country by buearucrats, such as c.a.r.b. here in calif. cng will promote up to 24 to 1 compression. we are racers by the way, and emmission mechanics also . the so called engineers out there need to talk to the old racers!!
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