• Aug 20th 2010 at 10:02AM
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China's third-largest automotive group, Dongfeng Motors, recently announced plans to invest a massive chunk of change into development of alternative technology vehicles. The company's future blueprint shows that Dongfeng will invest three billion yuan ($443 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) in an effort to speed up the commercialization of eco-friendly vehicles like hybrids and electrics.
Dongfeng Motors plans to initially focus on producing hybrid models, with hopes of selling 100,000 units by 2015. The automaker will move on to pure electric vehicles after the successful commercialization of hybrids. Dongfeng has set a lofty target of selling some 800,000 alt-energy vehicles by 2020. While this goal appears to be highly optimistic, Xu Ping, chairman of the board of directors for Dongfeng Motors, believes it's well within reach the company's reach, stating:
We have set new-energy vehicles as our mid-to-long term strategy, and we want to grab the business opportunity and lead the industry.

[Source: Shanghai Daily - sub. req. via Green Car Advisor]

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      Hybrids, really?
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      Those commie capitalists may yet become our overlords (we will certainly owe them enough that it will become increasingly difficult to utter discouraging words in such forums - the term red Chinese is already rarely used, and commie Chinese might even be taken as inflammatory these days), and before that they will develop a car that may be close enough to American standards to be sold in this continent.

      However to take as much of the hyperbolic propaganda of their future that they like to sell and to repeat it here as is done without narry a cautionary note is a bit unseemly. There does not seem to be any problem on this site doubting Fisker or Tesla's pronouncements, perhaps a bit more balanced reporting might be appropriate for the foreigners (albeit there is little that leaks from that totalitarian regime that might be in any way considered anything but laudable applause for that admittedly great and increasingly powerful country).
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