2010 Concours d'Lemons – Click above for high-res image gallery

Monterey's main event – the Concours d'Elegance – is underway on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach, but before the winner takes to the podium, here's what the rest of us poor, oil-soaked wretches can related to.

The second annual Concours d'LeMons played host to the tired, huddled masses at the Toro Regional Park, with a random assortment of French, German, Japanese and American iron that will never grace the surgically manicured lawn behind The Lodge.

We started off watching a shortened VW van doing wheelies and stoppies in the parking lot, then took in the sights and smells of a rotary-powered Beetle, an Opel GT coated in Compuware 'Vette livery, a 1948 Davis Divan, a few Pacers, a 2CV, a Gulfed Datsun 1600 and, yes, an Aztek, complete with full camping gear.

Get an eyeful in the gallery below and stay tuned for the real winner of Monterey... soon.

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Rotary-powered Volkswagen BeetleRotary-powered Volkswagen BeetleRotary-powered Volkswagen BeetleOpel GT in Compuware 'Vette liveryOpel GT in Compuware 'Vette liveryOpel GT in Compuware 'Vette livery