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Throughout the turmoil of the on again, off again sale of Saab to Spyker, the site Saabs United did its part to rally supporters of the brand and keep the world up to date on what was happening at any particular moment. At one point during the brand's dark days, Saabs United founder Steven Wade presented company CEO Jan Åke Jonsson with a boomerang as a symbol of the head honcho's tenacity when it came to returning to the bargaining table. Now that Saab appears to be headed toward calmer waters, that boomerang has inspired Jonsson to create a Saabs United award.
The award features the very same boomerang along with a model of the Ursaab – the company's very first model – on a plinth. The strange looking award will be handed out annually, and Jonsson says the honor will be given each year to the individual who made the single greatest contribution to the company's success. Fittingly enough, this year the award went to Wade himself. Hop the jump for a look at the full press blast.

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Saab CEO Creates Saabs United Award

What could a boomerang and Saab's first car, the Ursaab, have in common? Aerodynamic properties, of course, but the correct answer is the new Saabs United Award. The trophy consists of a model Ursaab mounted on a plinth, together with a boomerang, and it has been created by Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson as a thank you to all Saab fans for their support during company's recent trials and tribulations.

The boomerang was initially a gift to Jan Åke from SaabsUnited blogger Steven Wade in recognition of the CEO's determination to see the sale through to a successful conclusion. As a Tasmanian, Steven thought a boomerang perfectly symbolized Jan Åke's approach – he kept coming back to the negotiating table and would not go away!

Now Jan Åke has returned the compliment - after all, what else do you do with a boomerang? – and presented it to Steven at last month's Saab Festival in the form of the Saabs United award. The trophy will be presented each year to any individual who, in the eyes of Jan Ake and a judging panel, makes the single greatest contribution to Saab's success. Steven Wade, who helped mobilize global support among Saab fans, is a very deserving first recipient.

"The Saabs United award will be made annually as the company's way of expressing its gratitude to people like Steven and others who continue to show us such great support," said Jan Åke.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      im guesing you have never read his blog? his site was essentially the only place you could get real information about saab when it was in its troubled phase. no other "fan boi" blog ever had had cnn and other news agency using blogs as sources for information. he's as supportive as he is critical of saab even after their freedom from gm. he's not your typical "fan boi." it isn't a vw or honda civic blog.
        • 5 Years Ago
        There are plenty of Saab dedicated sites like Saabnet and Saabcentral. I started a Saab enthusiasts group on LinkedIn.com and within a two years, there are almost 700 members from all around the world. Saab fans are a dedicated bunch.
        • 5 Years Ago
        LOL, you all need to get out more. Especially the guy in the Saab picture, but you guys too. I see all 5 Saab fans are mad at me. Good times. LOL.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @MajorGeek, grow up, there was no need for that last comment. The
        level of ignorance and flat out meanness of the commenters on this
        site at times is disturbing. State your opinion but check your
        childish insults at the door. This guy clearly has a passion for a
        car company he loves and clearly played a part in mobilizing
        international support for it's survival, if you can't appreciate that
        why are you even trolling autoblog?
      • 5 Years Ago
      major geek, you must be major ignorant. there are quite a few saab blogs, though a lot are based in europe. yes saab is a small brand, but its not lacking in enthusiasm and loyalty. its very pathetic of you attacking someones physical appearances. lets see what kind of comments your face gets? lets keep it automotive and lets lay off physical appearances.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The Saabs United site became a bastion of ridiculous comments during the point where everyone thought that Saab was going to die.

      Basically, there were a few people blaming people who bought superior vehicles from Toyota, Honda and Subaru, with one idiot saying something along the lines of that everyone who buys a Subaru should be forced to test drive a Saab and the continued blame that General Motors is the devil incarnate, while if GM did not take over, Saab would have probably shut down their automotive division around 1998 or so as they were unwilling to invest money in further platform upgrades and wanted to focus on weaponry.

      While I congratulate Wade on a job well done, I could care less about those Saab fans (and just those) who think that their beloved car company went bankrupt because of people who bought Hondas or Subarus instead.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I think this establishes a dangerous precedent of rewarding fanboys. Just kidding...sort of.
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