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Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that Ford was in charge of seven different brands? Now The Blue Oval is down to two, Ford and Lincoln, after today's sale of Volvo to Chinese automaker Geely and the pending execution of Mercury. This means more energy and money will be available to plot success for Ford and Lincoln, and according to a report in Automotive News, that means Lincoln could get "a compact, front-drive car or crossover" (Lincoln Concept C, anyone?) and perhaps a model based on the next Ford Mondeo. Not exactly what we would have expected from Ford's luxury brand, but times change.

A small taste of what's in store for Lincoln: the MKX will get a redesign next year, the same year that the venerable Town Car dies, and, according to AN, a brand-new MKX with a design less like the Edge will appear in 2014. The MKZ gets a new look in 2013, which could be the last year for the controversial Ford Flex/Lincoln MKT and Navigator, perhaps replaced by an Explorer-based crossover or an SUV with more chops for rough terrain. Hopefully, they'll also rework that whole MK-Random-Letter approach to nomenclature as well.

The more germane revelation is this: Ford apparently believes Lincoln's success is contingent on putting lots of daylight between Ford and Lincoln engineering. Lincoln models need to be more distinct from their Ford counterparts in everything from engines to styling to feature sets. That might mean a lot more luxury features and refinement could be making their way into Lincolns soon – and that's something increasingly anxious Lincoln dealers ought to be able to get behind.

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[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      Another overprice, oversize behind the times, piece of American made junk! May the buyer NOT care!
      • 4 Years Ago
      Sorry, but I have ridden in the Lexus ES350 and the old LS 430 and never once felt like I was in a Camry. The switch gear is different, the doors shut with a very solid "thunk" they are much quieter and and upscale. Lexus is sold though their own dealer network in which you are treated like royalty.

      The same cannot be said for Lincoln which are sold in the same showrooms as Ford with the same coffee in foam cups. They share the same cheaper switchgear and trim bits in most cases and are not noticeably different in any way other than the looks on the outside and some variation inside.

      Affluent people consider and buy Lexus. They do not even consider Lincoln.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Why bringing back classic names will not deter young buyers...Answer: Buick. If GM can make Buick relevant again, "Continental, Town Car and Mark XX" should not deter young buyers. Confusing name schemes "MKX, MKT, MKS, etc" make it harder for individuals to remember what your talking about. European/Jap usually change a number AND a letter, and usually letter changes are in the BEGINNING..wheres its noticeable ES300, IS300, GS300...not the END!

      I agree that the Ford Falcon should come out as a Lincoln and be rebranded as an LS to compete against the CTS and 3-5 series? A rebadged Ford F6E comes to mind!
      • 4 Years Ago
      Well if that white station wagon with the droopy front end is leaving us, go now. Off to my Cadillac dealer........... beautiful and hot cars, finally!
      • 4 Years Ago
      Owned 2 Lincoln Mk XIII LSC's , 2 Lincoln Continentals , 1 Navagaitor and the following Mercury's : 1992 Cougar 25th , 1994 Cougar , 1997 Cougar 30th , Mercury Marauder , and now own 2008 Milan ( which is my least favorite Ford product ) , and 2010 Mariner . Now to the point ... Lincoln needs a RWD car . Sure get rid of the MXT ( it's a little like a Edsel ) , make the other changes , but make a RWD car on the Grand Marquis frame . Can I even go so far as to say a Lincoln MK IX on the Grand Marquis frame with bucket seats , floor shift , dual chrome tip exhausts , mono chrome , special wheels , and the 5.0 motor , with some body changes over the current Grand Marquis look . Now that's a high end hot rod that alot of baby boomers would buy and young people would see Lincoln as a performance brand ( even though it would be a bit of a tank ) but would sound good ,and look good . Remember what they called the big Buick's with the 401 and 425 Nailhead motors ( Bankers Hot Rods ) . Well we need another Banker Hot Rod . Now all that being said I know it's a pipe dream because no-one will read or consider this to be a valid suggestion .
        • 4 Years Ago
        Not body-on-frame. Not Panther platform.

        Something like that on S197 chassis, or a new development, I am very much with you.

        Why should we go back to the 1970s, with the roots of the Panther platform?
      • 4 Years Ago
      This car is as ugly as the old Pacer---where is the design, the flow, send it back for a redo!
      • 4 Years Ago
      The "daylight" between Ford and Lincoln, that they mention.... is where MERCURY was supposed to be.

      If they had figured this out YEARS ago, Mercury might be a viable competitor to Audi, Acura, and Infiniti.

      Lincoln needs a Luxury Sport coupe to better the heavy and bulky CTS-coupe. Heck, they need a RWD Luxury Sport sedan, to compete with CTS period.

      Mustang drivetrains, maybe EcoBoost V6, as well, fully independent suspension. Ford's new interior designs, instead of retro... and sleek modern Art-Deco looks.

      With a front end more pointed and sleek than MKS already has (and I like the bow-wave grille, as long as it isn't too bright with the silver paint)... and default dark-chrome grillework, black headlight housings, and body-color trim sport appearance package (make it an option to choose the brighter chrome for those who really want it)

      They could really have something on their hands... if they do it right. They'd have a car that legitimately lives up to their techno-lux flash-forward ad campaign. It is a very slick campaign, and I love the Major Tom covers... but they need something that is truly worthy of the image they are portraying. MKS EcoBoost may be fast, but it is a barge, size-wise. MKZ and MKT are hardly lightning quick.

      A nice, low, slightly wide, long, sleek 2-door coupe, based on the S197 platform with upgrades... Think mustang but less bulky, and sleeker, without the barn-door aerodynamics, and more glass. (including the optional glass roof, for the Lincoln, too!)

      Then stretch the wheelbase just a bit, and make a 4-door sleek sport sedan on the same platform. It would be even better if they made the sedan a 5-door, and the coupe a 3-door, both with "sportback" sleek hatchback bodystyles. (since they already have a big and a moderate 4-door sedan set in the lincoln lineup with MKS and MKZ)

      Then, FoMoCo might be able to go after Audi A4/5, Infiniti G, BMW 3-series, Caddy CTS versions, etc... Which they have none of currently.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I'm sorry, but that MKT is hideous. Love the interior, love the powertrain, but those overhangs and front/rear ends are just horrid. I have this sensation of wanting to crash it into a building.
        • 4 Years Ago
        The MKT reminds me of a hearse. Just awful! Lincoln needs a full size SUV and a smaller/midsize. The MKT should be dropped. Oh, and bring me back the RWD V8, perfectly balanced LS!
      • 4 Years Ago
      WhatFord and Lincoln needs to do is get back to basics. People don't want little econo boxes with luxury interiors they want a car that has ample power and room to sit a family comfortably on a long drive. One of the best cars that fits this bill was the Mercury Marauder! Sporty, comfortable bucket seats that don't cut off circulation to youer legs, a big trunk, a reasonably powerful V-8 that got decent gas mileage and can sit a family of four very comfortably on a long trip. I have one and there is NOTHING offered by any company that comes close as a potential replacement! When a new Mustang and most other fords let alone Lincolns cost 40-55K, how can the average family today afford these cars? These prices leave you with a car payment in the 600-700.00 per month. At that cost, it is no wonder why ford is having to sell off or discontinue various lines. When a ford taurus is over 42K, the rebadged Lincoln is over 49K and an Edge is in the mid 40's, what are you kidding me? These are basic econobox grocery getters! You can keep them all at those prices and this will become the downward spiral of all american car companies. They are pricing the average family out of the new car market with disatifaction and price!
      • 4 Years Ago
      I heard that Ford is developing a RWD platform with independent suspension for the next Mustang. They desperately need this platform for all his cars except maybe for their mondeo version and the crossovers.
        • 4 Years Ago
        And PLEASE!!!! change the Fu..... NAMES!!!!!!
      • 4 Years Ago
      It really wouldn't be that difficult for Ford to stir up the LWB "Panther" platform one last time...
      ...drop in the EcoBoost 3.7 or an optional Coyote V8, and cloak it with bodywork based on the 2002 Continental Concept - then bring out a hardtop coupe version on the SWB and call it "Continental Mark 9" (they could use the 1950's Mark II bodywork as inspiration)

      People have no problem dropping $175K on a Bentley Continental - Don't see why it should be an issue for Lincoln to sell a halfway-decent $60K Continental.

      But before the new Mondeo/Fusion comes out - The Lincoln version needs to be introduced first, and called "Capri", "Lido" or "Zephyr". Introducing the Lincoln later, and it's just a "Gussied-up Ford"...
      ...but when the Lincoln comes out first, the corresponding Ford would be viewed as a great value.

      • 4 Years Ago

      Corporate America, keep selling manufacturing to China.

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