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During a media launch for the 2011 Saab 9-5, company executives revealed plans to introduce a test fleet of electric vehicles based on the upcoming 9-3. As Inside Line reports, Saab execs confirmed that the test fleet of EVs will roll out in early 2011 and will be deployed at various locations across the globe, including Saab's hometown of Trollhattan, Sweden.

Saab's "100 percent electric vehicle" test fleet is a joint effort between the automaker, lithium ion battery producer Boston-Power, electric propulsion systems manufacturer Electroengine and the Swedish Energy Authority. Saab Automobile AB managing director Jan Ake Jonsson said:
The main purpose is to draw technology from this test fleet, technology that we can then incorporate quickly. The key target short-term is to drive fuel consumption down. You can electrify certain portions of the vehicle.
When prodded about a target release date for a mass-production EV, Jonsson ducked out by stating:
Everybody is looking at that question. Nobody has an answer. It will take some time.
Without official word from Jonsson, we'll have to fall back on the previous comments of Saab's chief executive officer Victor Muller, who suggested that 2016 is the year the company will go for electrification.
[Source: Inside Line]

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      Given the devastation to their model offerings, having that projected date is probably good for Saab. They really have only 1 fresh model, and it will eventually have to migrate to whomever is their new platform/powertrain partner. That is a lot of R&D money in today's automotive scene.
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        I missed that the first time I read that article. The sonnet was a cool car, but I don't know about having it and the 9 2 unless they are based on the same platform. Seems like 1 would only serve to steal sells from the other. A dedicated model would just further cannibalize the company.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Saab is not particularly rich right now.
      It definitely says something if even *they* are experimenting with electric drive. On most likely a very limited R&D budget. I think everyone is seeing the writing on the wall now.*

      *except Ferrari/Lamborghini
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      I can't believe how much Saab is doing so soon after being rescued. I know, the 9-5 and 9-4X were already in the pipeline, but there's a new 9-3 planned for 2012, and hopefully the 92 a couple of years later. And, if what I read from Auto Express is true, a Sonnett based on the next 9-3. That one I find hard to believe, but I believe they quoted Victor Mueller about it.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I hope saab does gooda and this all electric saab 9-3 becomes a realility as I think saab buyers would be the ideal comsumer for a electric car ~! /-/
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      Is it Sweden day?