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2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Click above for high-res image gallery

Audi, Mercedes, BMW and VW offer their premium SUVs in diesel flavors, and that's got Porsche rethinking its stance re: the Cayenne. According to a Porsche PR rep in Canada, the American managers are thinking about bringing the oil-burner this way in order to fill that hole. Two years ago, Porsche tested and then confirmed a diesel Cayenne for the American market that would use Audi's 3.0 TDI. It was supposed to arrive early last year; obviously, that never happened.

We drove the Euro-spec diesel Cayenne last year, and walked away thinking it's a "no-brainer for the American market." With the new Cayenne having lost all that weight and increased its performance, a diesel engine would pull even better. And if the numbers stand, with overall diesel-vehicle sales in North America predicted to hit around 250,000 units in 2014, it could be that Porsche thinks it's a no-brainer as well.

[Source: Times Colonist]

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      • 4 Years Ago
      since Audi has already got the 3.0TDi here, Porsche should use Audi's 4.2 TDi. Then they can keep the premium tag as well as the sporting nature.
      • 4 Years Ago

      Hate that horrible diesel engine noise.
      • 4 Years Ago
      While the A7 looks better than the A8, it only seats 4 (at this time).
      If the 4.0L TDI made it into the A8 - I know that would put it @ the top of my list, even over the Porsche.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Does anyone know the breakdown of diesel car, SUV and truck sales?
      • 4 Years Ago
      One thing that definitely has changed is that even the upper-income people are trying to minimize their expenditures and that includes funds allocated towards re-fuelling.

      I also see this as a no-brainer considering that 1) Hybrids are expensive are not catching on in America despite being shoved down our throats by Liberals. 2) Performance of diesels in past 2-3 years is far greater than 5-6 years ago. 3) The better economy will help Porsche to adjust its average.

      Cayenne is a mainstream Porsche model which is highly valuable and profitable to the company. It helps to drive in revenue which then is partly used to develop 911s and so forth. So I am fine with sacrificing a bit of the heritage for the aforementioned.
        • 4 Years Ago

        "Toyota Prius plug-in costs 28k USD and does 70-100+ mpg on a daily basis. Audi A3 TDI diesel costs 30k USD and does 35-40 mpg. Nostradamus no longer needed."

        How exactly those numbers prove your statement "The upcoming plug-in hybrid technology is the way motoring of the future will go."? I wish I knew which way will the motoring of the future go - I'd stop working tomorrow and invest in it.

        "Drive any modern turbocharged gasoline engine. Tons of these are now on sale in Europe."

        I have both in my garage. This is also reply to the long list of "bad" things that diesels do. Both of them are European, gasoline engine is new for cars built in 2010 (N55) and then there's VW TDI. I drive diesel every day to work and use gasoline one for weekend (or weekday late in the evening) driving pleasure. It's a perfect balance, I'd probably shoot somebody driving that gasoline-powered car to work every day - it would be hugely frustrating, here in US. That said ...

        Now, let's assume, absurdly, that US government forces me tomorrow to get rid of one of those vehicles. It would be a VERY hard thing, but not a hard choice - Jetta TDI would stay in the garage and the other one would go. Mind you, we are talking about the dog of the diesel engines here, VW. If I could have 123d here in US, the choice would be even easier and faster.

        I don't understand why are most of you trashing diesel for "unsportiness" mainly - how many people do you know who track their Prius every weekend? Please ... Don't forget that there is something called Jetta TDI Cup (not car, the competition) and even Americans stopped laughing at it, I still have to see Prius Cup - on a second thought better not, I'd soil my pants laughing at that one.
        • 4 Years Ago

        you appperently never have driven an electronic diesel powered car.

        diesel is very good in combo of manual gearbox, whitch is the premier choice here in europe.

        my second car is a 1800 60hp fiesta diesel and a friend owned a same color eqaul old fiesta 1100 gasoline, also a while ago.
        both have 60ps.

        the diesel is much more fun to drive.
        also faster, much more agile.

        the 1100 gasoline engine sound is sucks ..... like it's gonna explode anytime soon.

        i bet 100€ you would prefer the diesel fiesta over the weak 1100, but remember both have 60ps.
        and yes ... you can drive alot more than the 1100 gas powered, witch your going to rev hard to get speed.

        innercity means hunt and seek here, monday true sunday, man and woman, bite or get bitten

        so for innercity, i use the fiesta .... i lowered it 3 cm and 4 on the rear and still looks stock!, witch is funny, but i did i pased anual inspection already 3 x and they didn't notice it :P
        and it really helps ..... it's feel stiffer and stable ..... with shorter stock springs !!!...... wel i do have new gas shocks.

        i tend to be an aggresive driver ..... and i outperform much more powerfull cars on curved country roads using left foot for brake and clutch ( and i know every single detail of these roads, i also bycle them) ...... with 60 hp and 900 kg weight.

        aggresive = fuel economy? and i like to drive in front or get angry when i'm stuck behind someone!

        i can reach barcelona from just south of valencia with less than 30 liter diesel and still floor it and keep it there for long pieces.

        i used to have mkIV golf diesel and i crossed france without refueling, refueling in girona and next refuel was luxumbourg.
        i pressed the tachograf to 0 and checked again @ the border france luxumbourg, there where 997 km with 50 liter diesel, border to border.
        i drove exactly 120 and only stopping @ toll ports.
        france is expensive, so i planned my trip this way.

        i tested a 6 gear Seat Leon Fr diesel, it's as fast a 2.0 GTI style car and outperforms above 100km/h, you reach 200km barrier fast.

        i would like to test a a4 3.0 TDI with 240 hp and quatro.
        7.1 liter per 100km

        Audi A4 3.0 TDI 255 Km/h

        and than a MTM with chip, voila 280 hp 260km/h

        and yes ..... we can actually do 200km/h+ without getting on fox news.
        150km/h+ was daily here for pretty much everyone, until the point system came!
        i have driven 200+km/h on pulbic roads on a regurlar base, late in the evening or @ night and yes you reach a speed and leave it there.
        since the point system they use helicopters and glide over the highways.
        bummer .... but it takes lots of experience to drive well and safe and most just .... and cause ....

        oh .... a six cyl diesel SOUNDS SWEET, i have driven a bmw 3.0d E39 auto, simply rocks and blasing acceleration for ordinary people in traffic lights.

        the e30 324td whitch is a previous TDI era electronic pumpeduse diesel, but no intercooler direct feed turbo, pretty much the same diesel pump found on the 1900 90 ps TDI from the golf 3, damm ....... cool exhaust note, likes to rev and is capaple to rock a 3.8 v6 pontiac firebird on public road

        bmw x24td sound.

        it's very simple, with diesel you can fill up often without pain.
        even tough diesel cars are more heavily taxed as gas cars in both buy and anual tax.
        that's the reason why gasoline is more expensive.

        but in the end you can drive more

        the diesel cars engine is also better on resale, 5000 rpm (100% stable on the electronics diesel) redline and it doesn't kill like a gaspowered car if you reach max rpm and lose your power if you shift to late and sounds like a BUCKET FULL OF BOLTS AND NUTS

        the bad part is, the petrol venders sounded bells rencelty about lower demand on gasoline in usa, they talked about how hard it was to sell surr plus gasoline to usa.
        and demanded chages .... higher on diesel or lower ... on gas.
        that ment also ... more and more americans bought a diesel car.

        it's continous acceleration .... in every gear unlike gaspower cars witch have more obvious power band........... it's fabolous.

        and if you think we're socialist or communist ..... wel i think most 50% of USA cittizins have a
        • 4 Years Ago
        Um, how exactly are liberals cramming hybrids down our throat and what is the relevance of this statement to this article?
        • 4 Years Ago
        I'd d like to pick-up a low mile oil burner off lease (thru my auction licensed Chinese gf)...the MBZ R Class (cheaper than say a brand new Sienna).
        • 4 Years Ago
        There are numerous reasons why diesels make little sense in the USA.

        1) Diesels don't save any money. 5-year total costs from Edmunds TCO for Mercedes ML320 diesel are 59k, ML350 = 60k. So $200 of saving per annum, or 1,7%. For E class it is 54k for the E320 diesel, 56k for the E350 gasoline.

        This is next to nothing, especially if you consider that those diesels have less power, are heavier, louder, more agricultural than premium smooth gasoline versions and more likely to break down due to massive complexity.

        2) The whole popularity of diesels in Europe is only based on diesel fuel being subsided which means drivers of gasoline cars are being robbed to pay for refueling of diesel cars. This is done by taxing gasoline more than diesel.

        It may work in the socialistic world of dumbfounded taxpayers of Europe but people in the (relatively) liberal United States hate to be separated from their money by some communists who now better whom to give it for free.

        3) From the barrel of crude oil, only a small amount of diesel fuel can be obtained in the basic (=the simplest and cheapest) refinement process. Much more gasoline is produced. This is perfect as such is also the market demand normally. Industry runs diesel, car owners run gasoline and all is fine.

        In Europe, however, after communists decided they know better how to rob someone's else's cash, car owners switched to diesel massively (~50%). Result? Refining industry had to reconfigure their gear to produce as much diesel as possible. This cost hundred of millions euros and still wasn't enough, so Europe has to import diesel and export gasoline. All of these raised the price at they pump.

        Politically induced switch to diesel is simply one of the reasons (beside taxes) why fuel is so expensive there and most popular cars are of Toyota Yaris size and have some 90HP.

        4) Hybrids do the fuel saving stuff much better, are also more reliable and cleaner. Prius does 50 mpg. Jetta diesel - barely 40 mpg, if you're careful. RX450h is 28 mpg, diesel MLs, X5s: 20-22 mpg.

        5) The upcoming plug-in hybrid technology is the way motoring of the future will go. Volt and Prius plug-in will easily do 100+ mpg when following a typical driving pattern some 80% of drivers do. Heck, the Volt can also go without a single drop of gas for most of its service life.

        At the same time, I see some small turbocharged gasoline motors with taller geared transmissions doing the baseline as far as sales are concerned. Currently, there was almost no effort at all in making ordinary gasoline engines fuel efficient. This is changing already.
      • 4 Years Ago
      *yawn* guess I'm on the wrong site, but I don't care about the US! :D I'm in Britain :P
      • 4 Years Ago
      What about the V8 diesel as well?

      Is it here yet?
      • 4 Years Ago
      With oil burner offerings coming from nearly every German make...when push comes to shove, it's only a matter of time for the Japanese to bring over their diesel wares as well in the USDM (Honda, you need to rethink about ditching your US diesel program.)...

      The more torque-grunty diesels..the better.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I'd love one. SUV's need grunt not hp, this would be perfect.
        • 4 Years Ago
        and the Cayenne already has a 3500kg tow rating - so the diesel could make a great tow vehicle.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Will the typical Porsche owner warm to the idea of fueling up next to Peterbilts and Kenworths when on road trips? Who am I kidding.....a typical Cayenne probably only goes around town.
        • 4 Years Ago
        If given a choice between hybrid and diesel, I'm pretty sure the "people" would choose diesel, especially if they offered the V8 TDI which is FASTER than the hybrid and nearly as efficient.
        • 4 Years Ago
        They'd fill up next to other diesels that cruise around town, like raised F350 Superdutys...

        Seriously though, I'm pretty sure the Hybrid will still easily outsell the diesel here in the US. I think the Silverado Hybrid is the only car on the market which the hybrid-hype doesn't apply to, for good reason.
      • 4 Years Ago
      10 years back a Porsche Diesel would have been scandalous,.
        • 4 Years Ago
        If you think that is scandalous, try this from over a half century ago:

      • 4 Years Ago
      I think that a diesel version would be more than welcome for the Cayenne too.
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