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Drivers using ethanol (specifically, E85) to fill up their vehicles can now use a new iPhone/iPod touch app to find nearby gas stations selling the biofuel. Sure, you can do some of the same things at Ethanol Retailer, but this is an app we're talking about.
E85 Fuelfinder uses a built-in database of E85 stations from the U.S. Department of Energy. The developer has geocoded each station so tapping on the Google Maps link makes the station appear accurately. The stations are available in a list based on your current location or you can search by city and state. On the iPhone, you can tap to call a station. You can also set up a list of favorites if you often go to the same stations.

Why do this? Well, the app has the ability to list the current price for E85, so if there are a couple near you, you can compare prices and head out to the cheapest station, if that's your thing. A test of stations in our area showed this feature isn't exactly running smooth right now – all stations are listed as selling E85 for $0.00 a gallon, and we don't think the biofuel is that cheap these days. The developers say, "We're hoping to harness the power of crowd-sourcing to gather Price Per Gallon (PPG) and station features."

The developers are also working to update the app to use an external database so that the station updates happen in real time.

[Source: E85 Fuelfinder]

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      We have maintained an E85 station locater for the Upper Midwest (the states with the largest # of E85 pumps for some time at www.CleanAirChoice.org. We also have the E85 Price Forum, which was the first of its kind (there are several others now).
      • 5 Years Ago
      Edmunds.com did test to compare fuel efficiency of E85 versus gasoline. They found you get 40-50% less fuel economy with E85 then conventional gasoline. E85 is the dumbest idea since the perpetual motion machine, but it makes the corn industry and politicians in corn states very rich, so it will continue to be promoted as something that's very green and efficient when it is anything but.

        • 5 Years Ago
        If I recall the Edmunds test route included the scientific method of "meandering" (their own terminology) around. Measuring fuel consumption involved such methods as looking at the gallons on the pump when it decide to click off. I will absolutely take the EPA measurements over the seat-of-the-pants testing that Edmunds does.

        My apologies to e85evodude if I'm recalling the wrong Edmunds article (I am definitely recalling an Edmunds fuel efficient article though).

        Let's not forget that all of these vehicles are gas vehicles that are adapted to use E85. If they were designed to run solely on E85, they would be more efficient.
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        Did you even read the Edmund's article? It was 26.5% less mpg. not 40%-50%. Do your research and stop posting hatred for E85. I hate it when people start posting on something which they have no knowledge about.

        Would you rather make corn people in the USA rich or Oil people in the middle east Rich.

        E85 is not perfect, but it is a decent alternative.

        I would like to see more comparisons of small cars that are flex fuel. Why are they always comparing the large Tahoe which is as aerodynamic as a brick. Show us some comparisons of smaller flex fuel cars.

        I converted my car to run on E85 and after about 18k miles i am showing about an 14.25% reduction on hwy and about 22% reduction in town.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Edmunds did that test in 2007. I believe we are all talking about the same one.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I hadn't heard of the Ethanol Retailer site. Checked it out, but it seems to be missing a number of locations in my state. e85refueling.com lists 357 stations, and e85prices.com has 369 (stations without a price posted - most of them - are under the "State Stations" tab). Try those if you don't find a station on Ethanol Retailer.
      • 5 Years Ago
      We've launched an alternative fuel finding application as well. We map e85 plus electric charging, biodiesel, propane, natural gas, and hydrogen stations, as well as carshares cars. You can search our database with our web app ( http://drivealternatives.com) or click on our mobile apps to download our free iPhone app. Give it a try!
      • 5 Years Ago
      Perfect - an app to warn me of which stations are using E85,
      so I can get better fuel economy (and better miles/$) elsewhere!

        • 5 Years Ago
        I think you're confused. The fact that a station offers E85 as an option doesn't automatically mean that their other gasoline will have more alcohol too. So far I haven't seen E85 priced lower per energy content than regular gasoline, but it's a bargain as a high octane fuel for drag racing.
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      Rated 5 stars by Carney.
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