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Taiwan-based automaker Luxgen has been quite busy as of late. Earlier this year, the company introduced its Luxgen7 MPV, followed by the Luxgen7 SUV just days ago and now the most highly-anticipated model of all, the Luxgen7 MPV EV+, is getting ready to roll into action.
As you may have guessed, the Luxgen7 MPV EV+ is a fully-electric version of the company's seven-passenger MPV. The electric model, developed with assistance from AC Propulsion, features a 180-kW AC induction motor and a lithium-ion battery pack boasting a range of 200 miles at a fixed speed of 25 miles per hour. For a large, electric vehicle, the Luxgen7 MPV EV+ manages to move out from a stop with authority while also boasting a decent top speed. Luxgen claims that the electric soccer-mom mobile can scoot to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 8.6 seconds and tops out at 90 mph.

For now, the MPV EV+ stands alone as the only seven-passenger, electric vehicle capable of cruising 200 miles while also boasting decent acceleration. According to the company, the MPV EV+ is ready for mass production and Luxgen is eagerly awaiting buyers. Unfortunately, the electric MPV has virtually no chance of coming to the U.S. Follow the jump for more info on the Luxgen7 MPV EV+.

[Source: Luxgen]


LUXGEN7 MPV EV+:Achieving zero emission and zero pollution


● Outstanding and unparalleled performance which largely surpasses all other EVs on the market.
● Global electric vehicle technology leader ACP (AC Propulsion) as the joint R&D partner.
● Mass production ready.

Drastic climate changes are largely the result of industrial activities, and have rapidly become the biggest threat to humanity; however, its full impact has not been fully grasped by the policymakers and the general public. To take initiative in corporate social responsibility, and further accomplishing the prospect of environmental protection, LUXGEN offers a perfect choice for those visionaries with intention to contribute their part in protecting the environment---the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+.

While the mass majority of vehicles worldwide are still consuming none-renewable fossil fuel, LUXGEN, which started the research and development of electric vehicle technology years in advance, has launched world's first 7-passenger EV. EV could be seen as the only option that generates no carbon emission and delivers eco-friendly clean power when comparing with other fuel technologies such as LPG and hybrid power. Through the collaborative R&D with the AC Propulsion (ACP), a world-leading electric vehicle pioneer, LUXGEN has developed the unique core technologies for the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ including its 240 hp and 265N-m torque AC induction motor capable of propelling the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ from 0 to 62mph (100km/h) in 8.6 sec, and reach maximum speed in 90mp/h (145km/h). Most surprisingly, the lithium-ion battery packs can offer the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ over 200miles (300km) cruising range at a fixed speed of 25mp/h (40km/h) on a single charge. Such achievements have re-established the benchmark for an EV, and substantially closed the performance and utility gap between an EV and a fossil fuel powered counterpart.

The innovative EV technologies of the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ includes the power management and transformation center, PEU (power electronic unit), which integrates the induction motor, charger, battery management system, and the ability to convert kinetic energy into electricity via regenerative braking system; the high performance lithium-ion battery pack, which provides a high endurance power supply for the entire vehicle through its modularized design, and could discharge excess electricity back into the power grid to balance electricity utilization during peak and off-peak times; and the traction induction motor with its maximum power output of 180kW (approx. 240hp), offers LUXGEN 7MPV EV+ unprecedented driving enjoyment.

In addition to its impressive power performance, the energy efficiency of the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ is outstanding with an energy conversion rate at up to 80%. The LUXEN7 MPV EV+ strikes an amazing EER performance which is 1.7 times higher than a hybrid and diesel vehicle, and 2 times higher than a gasoline-powered vehicle. Such efficient energy utilization places LUXGEN at the leadership position in offering the best eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Months Ago
      The leaf could probably get 200 miles at a constant speed of 25mph so I bet its range is closer to 100 miles in real world driving.

      They could have the large family vehicle EV market all to themselves but it might take a while for the brand name "Luxgen" to become palatable to american buyers.

      This could be a great urban delivery vehicle.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Does anyone know why the article states that "Unfortunately, the electric MPV has virtually no chance of coming to the U.S."? It would be nice to know more about that. This is the type of electric I've been looking for and 125 miles of range would work for my purposes.
      • 8 Months Ago
      'For now, the MPV EV+ stands alone as the only seven-passenger, electric vehicle capable of cruising 200 miles while also boasting decent acceleration.'

      ?? I don't know too may folk who cruise for 200 miles at 25 mph they would be arrested on the highway.

      This sounds to me as though it has a bit more juice than the Leaf, particularly with the extra size and lower aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle, so it is maybe good for around 120 miles like for like with the Leaf's 100.
      I'd guess the battery size at around 30 kwh
      • 8 Months Ago
      Get the range up to 150 miles at highway speed and get this thing on sale in the US. Please!
      • 8 Months Ago
      Lets see, the roadster gets 244 miles EPA cycle, and can go ~390 miles at 25 MPH see: http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/roadster-efficiency-and-range

      So, if we extrapolate that backwards, we should expect this vehicle to get no more than 125 miles on the EPA cycle. Probably less, as it's got a much larger cdA. My guess is it was engineered for 100 miles EPA.
      • 8 Months Ago
      The reason that it will likely never see U.S. shores is that it will probably not meet U.S. safety standards. Also, they will likely focus on the Asia-Pacific market at least initially and will not have enough supply to focus on the U.S. as a consumer base.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Meaningless to offer : A family car with no extended range. This is just another dead end techno only chasing for Governments subventions, not targeting the real public who pay for their cars. That type of range if OK for weekly commutes.....done to go to work, mostly with no familly on board. But not OK for week ends and vacation trips with familly... Full Electric EVs will be meaningfull whith >100KWH battery packs allowing >400 Miles full electric on a charge, with very fast recharges. Need Extended Ranges thermal engines with smaller batteries. Forget me for this one.
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