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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque live reveal – Click above to watch the live webcast after the jump

It's been less than 24 hours since we told you that Land Rover would be pulling the wraps off of its new baby LRX crossover (or whatever it ends up being called when it reaches showrooms). Well, it's 3:30 PM Eastern time, and the live reveal should be spooling up as you read this.

Follow the jump to watch the webcast and see Land Rover's latest creation for yourself. Stay tuned for the full smattering of details and images as well.

*UPDATE: We now have the first official image of the production model (click here to see it in high resolution), which will be dubbed Range Rover Evoque when it goes on sale in the Fall of 2011. Expect the full details to be released this September at the Paris Motor Show. For now, Land Rover's press release is available after the jump.

[Source: Land Rover]

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- First image of all-new Range Rover released
- Officially named Range Rover Evoque
- Design stays true to LRX concept car
- Lightest, most fuel efficient Range Rover ever
- Third Range Rover model to compete in fuel-efficient 4WD Luxury Compact SUV segment in North America
- Official public debut at Paris Motor Show: 30 September
- On sale in North America Fall 2011

Mahwah, New Jersey, July 1, 2010 - The first official picture of the all-new addition to the Range Rover family is released today, following an exclusive preview in London for guests attending a 40th birthday celebration of Range Rover held with long time U.K. Range Rover partner, VOGUE magazine*.

Named the Range Rover Evoque, this all-new coupé will join the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in North American dealerships in fall, 2011. It will be the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Range Rover ever produced. The compact 4WD Range Rover Evoque is engineered to meet North American customer and regulatory demands for increased fuel efficiency in highly capable luxury SUVs.

Phil Popham, managing director of Land Rover, said, "Today is a very special occasion for Range Rover; not only are we celebrating 40 years of the brand, we are also demonstrating our exciting future by showing the all-new Range Rover Evoque. Range Rover is one of the most highly regarded and iconic vehicles in the history of motoring and has been a continuing success since we first introduced it in 1970. The all-new Range Rover Evoque is an important step for the future continued success and growth of the brand. Customers can be confident that the new car will be premium, luxurious and just as special as the other Range Rover models. Its sporting looks and unique qualities will open the brand to a new group of customers who may not have considered a Range Rover product before.

"The all-new Range Rover Evoque will be built at our multi-award winning plant in Halewood, creating 1,000 new jobs in the Merseyside area, a fantastic boost to the UK economy. The Halewood plant has a reputation for excellence and quality and is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in Lean Manufacturing.

"The all-new Range Rover Evoque is a true global car and will be sold in over 160 countries. It was important to give the car a name that was instantly recognizable through language and cultural boundaries throughout the world. We wanted to create a new name which was innovative and different. A name which implies exclusivity and arouses emotions, Evoque is cosmopolitan and cross-continental, sophisticated and matches the car's urban elegance," he added.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director, said, "The Range Rover is an iconic design that has stood the test of time and it's not difficult to see why. Like the current version, the original Range Rover is such a simple and memorable shape that is easily recognizable.

"The all-new Range Rover Evoque marks a bold evolution of Range Rover design, providing customers with a desirable, premium and compact car like SUV. In 2008 we introduced the LRX concept car: after a positive reception worldwide, the natural step for the business was to turn the LRX concept car into reality. Tonight we wanted to show the world that we have stayed true to our word and delivered a car that completely represents the spirit of the LRX concept.

"The all-new Range Rover Evoque will resonate with customers on an emotional level. Its unique silhouette accentuated by the distinctive falling roof and dramatic rising waistline creates a modern and relevant execution of the familiar Range Rover design language. This car makes a powerful statement of the Range Rover's brand intent to appeal to a wider audience," he added.

Chris Marchand, Executive Vice President of Land Rover North America, said," The new Range Rover Evoque has a very clear mandate in North America to give luxury SUV customers another choice to enjoy Range Rover style, luxury and all terrain traction, but with a more compact, fuel efficient footprint. This is an incredibly important expansion of the Range Rover brand in this market."

The all-new Range Rover Evoque will make its global public debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September and will go on sale from next summer and in North America in the fall.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      When I saw the smoke coming from behind the curtain all I could think was 'ahh the LRX has inherited Land Rover's lengendary quality issues'. And why was that ugly mutt Beckham part of this? How can someone so excited pout so much?

      As for the vehicle..... Dang where do I send the check!

      • 5 Years Ago
      Looks like it wants to eat something..
      • 5 Years Ago
      I hope the upcoming Hyundai Veloster is similar to this, though more tasteful and more reasonably priced.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I really like it!
      • 5 Years Ago
      holy blind-spot batman. lol
      • 5 Years Ago
      WOW! That is one sexy SUV! Glad Land Rover is bringing back the 2-Door SUV.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Holy crap, very nicely done Range Rover. It's basically a carbon copy of the concept which was obviously an attractive vehicle itself.. This pretty much sets the bar pretty high for SUV/CUV design.
      • 5 Years Ago
      At this point why doesn't Land Rover just rename themselves to Range Rover, considering they are naming half their line up after it no matter how dubious the connection.
        • 5 Years Ago
        However to keep up with the brand marque they will both be equally unreliable.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wow. Love the fender trim with the notches. I don't care that it can't go offroad or that you can't see anything out the back. Finally a car company had the balls to produce a car that is true to the concept. This is a step in the right direction....even if it is a CUV.
      • 5 Years Ago
      It's a coupe?
      • 5 Years Ago
      This looks sweet!!!!!
        • 5 Years Ago
        @trusnowboarder7 - the cayanne is an SUV. this is a hatchback. two completely different vehicles, completely different class, completely different performance, completely different purposes. What next? the bmw 1 series looks better than a mercedes GL?
        • 5 Years Ago
        I'm very surprised, but pleased, how true it has remained to the conept. The unveiling had the mother of awkward pauses though when the box wouldn't open, and... interesting choice of brand ambassador...
        • 5 Years Ago
        WTF is wrong with land rover?!?!!? Victoria Beckham WTF?!?!??!
        • 5 Years Ago
        Victoria Beckham. Are you serious.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Did LR just take an old Cadillac (concept) model name? Though for Caddy, it was "Evoq".

        I don't understand why it needs to be called the, "LR Range Rover Evoque". Just call it the, "LR Evoque".

        Land Rover should go back to using names/word for their models & maybe save the LR3, 4, etc for only the smaller, lower-end vehicles. They don't really have use Discovery, but maybe the LR DISCOVER would be a welcome change up. Change "LR RR Sport" to "LR Range Sport". I think they've over done the usage of the "Range Rover" name for everything. All of their vehicles shouldn't be Range Rover (this or that) - might as well rename the brand Range Rover then.
        • 5 Years Ago
        OH YES PLEASE!!! DANG! Me like!

        • 5 Years Ago
        wow, and i thought the new cayenne was sexy...this is 10x as good looking.

        for a company that has stayed fairly conservative with its models, this is definitely a welcome departure. can we expect this kind of design language for future models? :D
      • 5 Years Ago
      Cool the 2011 Explorer. Finaly.
        • 5 Years Ago
        If the 2011 Explorer ends up looking anything like this it will be because Fords designers have ripped off Gerry McGovern's brilliant LRX concept. The production Range Rover Evoque is an almost perfect translation of the concept premiered at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Coincidentally, Ford's Exlporer America concept, which was their preview of the next generation Explorer, looked nothing like this car. The spy shots of the explorer suggest that the Ford designers might have decided that McGovern's LRX design was far better than their Explorer America design, so they just copied it. Well, they did own Land Rover at the time but it doesn't show much designer integegrity or mutual respect if that's what happened.
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