• Jun 18, 2010
BYD E6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

40 electric vehicles is all right, but 1,500 sounds much better. We're talking about BYD's electric taxi plans and even though the company only has 40 E6 taxis roaming the roads now, future plans call for way more. BYD hopes to have at least 100 E6 taxis tooling around the roads of Shenzhen, China by month's end, but the plans for electric taxi domination don't end there. BYD wants 560 of the electric chauffeur mobiles on the roads by the end of the year and sets the ultimate goal at 1,500 taxis. If BYD hits this magic number, then the company will have successfully electrified ten percent of the city's taxi fleet.

According to a report, the taxi drivers notice no difference between the electrified E6s and their conventionally powered taxi counterparts. BYD claims that the taxis are not part of some glorified "experiment," but should instead be considered "a real business" for the company. Reports also mention that the E6 taxis carry the following slogan on the vehicle's rump: "This is not a conventional car, this is a declaration of environmental protection." Well said.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 23 Hours Ago
      These taxi test will help BYD to validate its low cost batteries in the market.. and if they start failing then they can learn and fix it. Its all good...
      • 23 Hours Ago
      BYD is a non-starter in the EV business they should stick to making batteries.
      • 23 Hours Ago
      Why are you wasting additional on BYD's abject failure to make and sell its EV car in volume? You've dragged this non-story out over four posts now!

      Last time you wrote "The taxis are operated and maintained by Pengcheng Electric Taxi Co., Ltd, which is partially owned by none other than BYD." It's obvious to me BYD is doing an in-house test because they're terrified of public negative comments and they don't really want to sell the car. Typical Chinese authoritarian mentality.