Jason Barlow in the Honda CR-Z in Japan – Click above to watch video after the jump

Honda snagged former Top Gear presenter and current Top Gear mag and Sunday Times writer Jason Barlow for a drive around Japan in the Honda CR-Z. He starts his shtick by putting the car in context "It's not a gas-guzzling V-eht," (watch the vid, you'll see), but "a different kind of car for a different kind of road trip."

We're fine with that. But when he opines a little later that "It's a car that car enthusiasts have been waiting for, rather than being made to drive a car that looks like a little spaceship," well, we wonder who did the writing on the one. See, we have a nagging feeling that if he were reviewing the CR-Z for Top Gear, well, the script would have read slightly differently... Follow the jump to see what he thinks and how he goes on his "journey of discovery."

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[Source: YouTube via Carscoop]