McLaren MP4-12C (above) and McLaren F1 (top) – Click above for high-res image gallery

The McLaren MP4-12C has barely hit the market yet, and already reports are surfacing of new variants. Last year we were already seeing reports of a convertible version in the works. Then reports of a potential privateer racing model trickled out a few months later. Now, word from across the pond is that McLaren Automotive is planning on squeezing an extra couple of seats into the MP4-12C to make it a proper 2+2.

With an enlarged cabin, the 2+2 would be the first four-seater to roll out of Woking – most of their chassis, after all, are single-seaters – but it wouldn't be the first McLaren with more than two seats: The famous McLaren F1 supercar featured a unique 1+2 configuration with a central driving position, a setup McLaren abandoned for the MP4. With the 2+2 version, it looks like at least one of your dates will have to sit in the back. Good luck smoothing that one over there, slick.

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[Source: Auto Bild - translated]