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Please excuse us while we take a little trip down TMZ lane. Word on the web is we now know who will be replacing Megan Fox in the next scintillating Transformers flick. Shia Labeouf will be locking lips with none other than Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Who is that, exactly? Good question. Huntington-Whiteley has spent the majority of her days prancing down a runway in her unmentionables as a Victoria Secret model. The best part? The 23 year-old model-turned actress doesn't have a drop of acting experience. The jokes write themselves.

Fox was reportedly kicked out of the story line to give the main character a new love interest, though rumor was that the actress had also spent her off time berating director Michael Bay for any number of perceived character flaws. Our guess is Bay got tired of hearing the insults and told Fox to take a hike. Now back to your regularly scheduled content.

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